What time is the Maintenance FF December 7, 2020 Free Fire Done?

Monday (7/12/2020) this morning at 11.00 WIB, the popular battle royale game made by Garena, Free Fire (FF), will not be able to log in and enter. For now we can find out some information about what time is the maintenance on December 7, 2020, Free Fire is finished.

There are still a lot of things to see before this maintenance starts in the game. The only thing you need to know right now is that the Free Fire x Cristiano Ronaldo Event has indeed appeared after the new maintenance update on December 6, 2020 now. That way you will definitely be more ready and able to enjoy all the latest updates now.

Especially to be able to know the start time of this Maintenance on December 6, 2020 right now. Listen directly to the explanation, in the article below right now.

What time is the maintenance of December 7, 2020 Free Fire Done?

Maintenance Free Fire, which is present on December 7, 2020, will take place from 11.00 WIB until FF maintenance is finished at 16.00 WIB.

So at the beginning of this Maintenance, then you are advised to leave the Free Fire game first before that hour later. Because with the appearance of the maintenance update date, of course it will make players more prepared.

Because what we know is Maintenance, it is the time when GM Garena Free Fire started to enter and update this game and there was not one thing that bothered them. Moreover, you may know Don’t Log In When Maintenance In Free Fire, it will be a warning that might prevent you from being banned in this game later.

The updates that are happening right now bring a lot of great things and one of them is from the Latest Free Fire OB25 Update. Yup, on that update, it was really obvious that later this OB25 Maintenance was going to be big and festive. That’s why all players have to prepare themselves to wait for the maintenance to start and finish today.

On December 7th, we have already been given a schedule for when the maintenance will start, so you really have to be prepared with all of that. Especially at 11.00 WIB Maintenance, of course you really have to be prepared with all of that. The most important thing is the maintenance, the start schedule is already known.

So this is what Free Fire players can use, so they don’t enter when the maintenance schedule has been determined. We still can’t know when the maintenance ends. Only that, of course we will discuss it later, as long as this maintenance date already exists then in the future it will definitely be better and the player will know.

But if it’s over time, we’ll just give you a little information, if you can make a time benchmark for 3 to 5 in the afternoon which sometimes ends the maintenance time of this Free Fire game. Hopefully it will be faster than what we have given the benchmark, but if you want to wait, you can see what first and look for activities first until the hour is over.

With us already knowing that the maintenance schedule will start, it is calm because we have set a benchmark for the start of the Maintenance schedule and in the future we can get a lot of total updates which will be very cool later. Don’t miss this latest information and Esportsku will discuss when the maintenance will end on today.

So that you can immediately standby before the update comes. Full yes. Like the time benchmark we have given above, but maybe this will be discussed in more detail in the future.

Don’t Login During Maintenance December 6th 2020 Now

Latest Update Pet Free Fire Adv Server October 2019

This moment during maintenance starts to be the thing that players are waiting for because it is quite good. Where you guys will know some information about other new updates, then there is any information that will be present. But our curiosity can indeed be unstoppable and try to log in later.

Do not! Because this is one of the risks that is quite dangerous, you will indeed get into trouble when doing things like this later. Don’t forget to eat this trivial thing, it becomes one of the big problems. Maybe the explanation below will help you better understand and don’t want to want to log in when maintenance starts.

Annoying Garena’s Party

This maintenance will indeed make all game servers empty and no one logs in to play. Now this will be a nice place for Garena to include new updates for the current maintenance. But if someone tries to get into the game, it will definitely be detected right away.

Now those of you who are trying to log in can’t at all, but it could disturb Garena, who is currently focused when entering a new update. So don’t do things like this so that later the updates can be better.

Can Make Game Files Become Errors

Now the second one can make your game file an error, because at the time of the Maintenance period this will be the latest update in the Free Fire game. Now, if there is a type like several updates, of course we will be asked to download the latest little file. For example, if you force login, it means that the game file will be an error too.

Because at this time of maintenance, sometimes there are several files that can be downloaded automatically. So just be careful with things like that, because it will harm ourselves later. Files that are entered and have not been fully entered have been downloaded a little while maintenance is still ongoing. It will be detrimental later.

Could Get Banned

If you guys are really hard to remember, then another option for something like this is Banned Penalties on a daily break. Yup, if it has been banned, it means that it will be quite detrimental for us later. Other players can enter after the maintenance ends, your account got banned for trying to force entry during maintenance.

Yes, if you get banned, it means that you will be included in the latest Free Fire game for even longer. Anyway, if there is maintenance, it’s better to look for other activities first. Like viewing a Dasha Free Fire Character Review by Rendy Rangers. Surely all of this will make you enjoy more and you won’t even realize that the maintenance has been completed later.

You may have to be patient and wait for all of this to end, then don’t forget that the newest Free Fire Vector Weapon will indeed be around soon. By participating in an event like that, then you will be even better prepared and get a lot of big profits too. Stay while waiting for maintenance is better.

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