When is the Maintenance Free Fire (FF) Date in June 2020?

If you play a game, of course the sensation that will be given will be much more exciting and fun. In the future too, Free Fire might be a very good game because it is well developed. So this is perfect, to be a recommendation for games that must be played. This time there is a prediction when the Maintenance Free Fire (FF) date is June 2020 after the ff server advance.

Until now, the Free Fire game is still being developed quite well by Garena. So of course all updates, as well as Free Fire Character Features, are still being given many other recent updates. For now, we have a lot of surprises inside the advanced server.

Even at this very moment, we will have a new pet that is quite unique in its abilities. Where the New Pet is Named Falcon, he is a very strong Hawk-type Pet. So of course, the appearance of this Pet can be quite interesting.

If you have successfully entered the advanced server, try a lot of things in it. If not, then you might regret it later yourself. Wolfrahh’s ability is also quite good and is quite interesting to try. So, if you want to try this, make sure you download this ff 2020 advance server

Of course, all the current players, can’t wait for all the latest updates that will be coming to this Free Fire game soon. On this occasion, we will provide Maintenance Predictions for the upcoming June 2020.

Immediately, we see the explanation, in the article below.

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Maintenance Free Fire Prediction for the upcoming June 2020

Just last April, we experienced a maintenance which brought many other recent updates. Like the presence of the Kapella character, as well as the latest weapon that has the Thompson type name in this Free Fire game.

For yesterday too, we have a maintenance presence on a date that is still at the beginning of the month. Where Garena is holding maintenance, on April 8, 2020. So of course, this is still a very young date for maintenance.

As we all know, there is a reason the Free Fire Game Needs Maintenance. So that all things like this will also happen to all games that are online games. In the update that occurred in April, all of them have been carefully presented by Garena.

What is the Maintenance FF date for June 2020?

So there is no time delay anymore, for doing maintenance. So for the upcoming June 2020, what date will this maintenance be carried out? Probably all players, must have had quite the same questions and curiosity now.

There are some estimates, if seen from the opening of this advanced server, the registration will be opened on May 15, 2020. For the previous maintenance only, for March at the end of the month and April at the beginning of the month.

Most likely, the maintenance that will occur in June 2020 will be present in the middle of the month. There is also a possibility that this maintenance will be carried out on June 10 or 17, 2020 to come. Because on Wednesday, Garena usually holds a maintenance.

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Even though this is still an issue, it is confirmed by the mid-month in June. Because in the middle of the month, it coincides with Wednesday and on the 10th and 17th. We better wait for further confirmation.

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