Why Should You Buy Malefic Roar Items in Mobile Legends?

Why is it mandatory to buy Malefic Roar Mobile Legends items. There are lots of items in Mobile Legends that you can buy. Especially with the 6 item slot, the combination of build items can be countless! One item that is underrated is Malefic Roar and this item is actually very strong.

This one item can actually lift your DPS even higher. With its very good stats and strong item effects, this item is unfortunately less desirable for several reasons. The main reason is because this item is for overkill and sometimes situational.

But some heroes benefit greatly from using Malefic Roar. The reason is quite clear, because this item roughly raises your damage cap thanks to the strong armor pene.

Here we will provide the reasons why you must buy the Malefic Roar Mobile Legends item. This underrated and strong item can increase your DPS even higher. Moreover, this item has a high stat and also an effect that you will take advantage of even throughout the game.

Malefic Roar

Attribute Unique Passive
+60 Physical ATK + 40% Physical PEN
Passive Ability – Armor Buster
Normal attacks will penetrate 20% of the turret’s armor.

Malefic Roar is a very powerful item. With a high enough damage stat, the passivity of this item is very strong. Even in the late game this item will be more pronounced. Physical penetration which has a scaling percentage makes your attacks melt the tank. In addition, the bonus damage to the turret or tower will make your push speed higher and more consistent.

This item is very suitable to be used against enemies with high defense. Usually the hero who uses this item is the marksman hero, as one of the adc in the team. Not only does it have a stat that can penetrate armor, this item also helps you in doing push towers.

Here are the reasons why mobile legends players should buy malefic roar ML items:

Suitable For Against Tanks

Of course, this item is the best item to fight the Malefic Roar tank with a damage stat that also has additional armor penetration as well. No messing up to 40%, this is really bad for the tanks because they will immediately go soggy.

This is especially strong in the hyper carry meta. The reason is that the enemy’s carry will be protected by several tanks and supports that you can easily pass right away. Moreover, using a hero who is already high in damage and crit is usually stopped a bit because of the opponent’s armor.

Very Fast Push

Push will benefit you. By giving pressure and also a good map control tempo, you can play safely. Malefic Roar deals bonus damage when fighting or attacking the turret. This is perfect for a marksman.

Heroes like Granger who have high damage can take advantage of Malefic Roar. With his high damage, only a few attacks count can be destroyed easily.

Increases Damage Drastically

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The marksman damage is of course very high. But with Malefic Roar it will improve a lot. Pene armor is not only for tanks, for all heroes you can use it. With the critical build items inserted by Malefic Roar, you will have super high damage.

That is the reason why you must buy the Malefic Roar Mobile Legends item. This very strong and underrated item can help you in this meta. Whether you are fighting tanks or fast push, you must bring this item and use it. Also follow our social media on Instagram.