Will The International 9 Prize Pool See $ 35 Million?

Day after day passes, it doesn’t feel like Dota 2 players will soon welcome the biggest eSports tournament in history. The 18 teams that advanced to the main stage of the international 9 have started to prepare themselves. One by one, the improvements released by Valve for the smooth running of the game when The International 9. Prize Pool The international 9 has slowly penetrated $ 32 million, will The International 9 Prize Pool reach $ 35 million?

With less than three weeks to go before the implementation of The International 9, in Shanghai, China, the TI9 Prize Pool is still increasing.

Valve has released Immortal Treasure III near the start of The International 9. As a result, there has been a notable jump to add the TI9 Dota 2 Prize Pool to the $ 32 million mark.

However, the Ti9 prize pool experienced a slowdown in the increase in value of the Prize Pool when it started hitting the $ 30 million mark. So that on July 21, the Prize pool only penetrated $ 31 million. Even then, because players are still buying Immortal Treasure II and also because of the release of the Young Invoker Set. This was enough to make Prizepool at that time still increase gradually.

Will The International 9 Prize Pool See $ 35 Million?

This year, you could say that Valve is a bit slow to release Immortal Treasure III which comes 10 days before TI9 will start. This has led to the release of Immortal Treasure III being the laggard in its release throughout The International’s history. Treasure III is the last Treasure during the battle pass.

Valve itself still hasn’t released the 182 level bonus it promised and Dota 2 players still expect the Tiny Prestige Set which will open at level 255 battle pass to be released by Valve soon. In our opinion, Valve seems to be behind schedule in releasing the content available for The International 2019.

As a result, Dota 2 players still cannot open and receive some content that should be provided on the date that is usually released by Valve in the series The International 2019.

In our opinion, seeing the TI9 Hype is more than last year. It is quite possible for The International 9 Prize Pool to hit $ 35 million. Because there are still a few days left for the final day of The International 9.

Regardless of Valve’s lagging behind in releasing its contents, there is good news for Dota 2 fans. Because TI9 in the size of the Prize Pool has surpassed the Fornite World Cup once again. The International 9 is back as the biggest esports tournament in the history of the world of Esports.

The International 9 will be held on 15.18 August, where 18 Dota 2 teams will compete to win a prize pool of tens of millions of dollars ready to take home for the team that managed to rank first TI9.