Winner Prediction of Group M2 Mobile Legends (ML)

M2 which will be held at the end of this year will certainly have a lot of strong matches. With so many teams that will compete, you could say that almost all of them are balanced. It’s fun to predict the winner of the M2 Mobile Legends group. Maybe there is something in common with you and it is interesting to discuss.

M2 this time even though there is no EVOS Legends, we must watch it. Many big names like Bren, AE, RRQ, and others. Moreover, there is a group of hell that is very terrible. All teams will definitely win each other in their respective groups to reach the upper bracket.

There are many teams that you must watch, such as AE, Bren, and RRQ who are favorites in M2. But don’t forget dark horses like Todak, 10s, and DreamMax which certainly cannot be underestimated. It could be that the underdogs got up and put up a fight.

So for those of you who are still waiting for M2 to run, let’s take a look at my Esports prediction, in my opinion, based on game performance.

Maybe there are those who agree and of course there are those who disagree. But still interesting for us to discuss. M2 this time will be the culmination of the celebration of the highest Mobile Legends competition with the right moment at the end of the year.

Group A

Group A is likely to be quite tight even though Burmese Ghouls will come out as the winner. Compared to RSG and Devu, Burmese is indeed more consistent, especially because they are more experienced in a competitive perspective. But maybe Devu will issue a surprise here.

Group B

Now in Group B, it’s a bit difficult to predict. Even though Omega is very strong, it is very likely that Todak will come out as the winner in this group. It is predicted that Todak will come out with a thin score with Omega in second place. But this position could be switched.

Group C

Finally arrived at the hell group which is very difficult to predict. Both Bren and AE are the most favored team to win M2 and there are 10s on dark horses, which is definitely difficult. But I think Bren will come out as champion and stop AE’s domination since MPLI.

Group D

Yes, in this last group, almost everyone agrees that RRQ will easily win the group. Fighting EVOS SG and DreamMax is not easy, but for RRQ this is not a big problem. But it doesn’t rule out the possibility for other teams to make a surprise.

That is the prediction of the group winner which might be a reference for you. What do you think about it, whether it is similar or not. It’s hard to predict, but I think it’s more or less like this. Also follow our social media on Instagram.