Yi Sun-Shin Becomes the Hero with the Highest Pick & Win Rate in MPL ID Season 6!

As pro scene The most prestigious Mobile Legends, MPL ID never fails in presenting the latest META and formation. Coupled with presence patch “Project NEXT” which brings changes in the Land of Dawn.

MPL ID itself will arrive at Week 8 next weekend. Where Week 8 is the last week of the round regular season, before going on to the round playoffs. Of course, searching for the hero statistics on the MPL ID official website is very interesting.

As player MLBB, the hero statistics will certainly be very helpful and influential inward ranked mode in the games. Like the popularity of OP heroes, changes update buff and nerf, as well as formation options.

Intrigued by the Highest Pick & Win Rate hero statistics? Just take a look at the discussion below by esportsku.com!

Highest Pick

Overall, Esmerelda is a hero who holds the title highest pick in this MPL ID Season 6. Due to Esmeralda who has been used 43 times in all matches.

However, Esmeralda only had win rate by 49% and also became a hero auto tires from Moonton. Auto tires Esmeralda himself happened because bugs what makes shield Esmeralda filled her HP bar.

Therefore, Esmeralda is not the hero to be discussed on this occasion. The heroes under discussion are heroes with acquisition pick second only to Esmeralda. Where the hero has been used 40 times from all matches!

Highest Win Rate

Previously, we did discuss Chou who owns 100% win rate in the span of 2 weeks on MPL ID. Of course, Chou will appear to be the initial guess as a possessing hero highest win rate. In fact, no.

So far, Chou has only been used 38 times with win rate 68%. With win rate that big, Chou was indeed close to being discussed. Unfortunately, the hero that is being discussed this time has been on pick as much as 40 times with win rate which is the same, which is 68%!

Of course, these differences immediately shifted Chou from the topic of discussion. It’s actually interesting because Chou should be the hero who gets it spotlight this, because of the flexibility Chou was able to use as fighter or tank.

Yi Sun-Shin

The reason why Yi Sun Shin is the top tier in Mobile Legends

That’s right, a hero who can even shift Chou from spotlight this is YSS. Figure marksman which is very popular since receiving revamp update this has had an amazing accomplishment in MPL ID Season 6.

With 40 in total pick and 68% win rate that, making YSS a hero highest pick & win rate in MPL ID Season 6. Naturally, YSS has indeed proven to be very capable of becoming a figure hyper carry.

Plus YSS which carries 2 role at once namely: assassin / marksman which gives YSS flexibility in the Land of Dawn. Presence role: assassin at YSS is the reason why he is classified as independent compared to hero marksman others who require cover maximum of his team members.

That’s the discussion about heroes with highest pick & win rate on MPL ID Season 6! Stay tuned for other interesting statistics in the next article!