You Must Get This Thamuz Painted Skin in Mobile Legends (ML)

Mobile Legends is one of the MOBA games that doesn’t have a variety of new skins. One of the newest is the newest Painted Skin for the super cool hero Thamu. Thamuz users, of course, must have this Painted Skin. On this occasion, Esportsku will give a leak for the latest painted painted skins that will be given to the hero Thamuz in the Mobile Legends game.

Thamuz is a fighter hero who often comes as one of the best offlaner heroes in the Mobile Legends game. This one hero is very popular and has even become a hero that many gamers want. Previously Thamuz also got the latest Special skin which is given free of charge. Now Thamuz will get his newest Painted Skin in Mobile Legends.

Painted Skin Thamuz Liquid Fire Mobile Legends

Thamuz Liquid Fire’s newest Painted Skin has a look which is certainly cooler than the original skin. Sure enough, a very bright display with a blue aura which is said to be Liquid makes Thamuz’s newest skin a must for you to get.

The difference with the original skin is quite visible in the Thamuz Liquid Fire skin color. It is originally blue and green. This time Moonton presents an all-dark red color with a cool horn effect. In the tail, there is a large bone fin and the golden armor gives a strong impression on this latest painted skin.

Liquid Fire itself is an Elite Thamuz skin that you can get for only 599. Now to use the skin painted above, make sure you have Thamuz’s original skin in your Mobile Legends. Unfortunately, if it is true that you get this skin, you should also buy the Thamuz skin and prepare more diamonds.

When will Liquid Fire Painted Skin be Released?

It is reported that this skin painted will be a gift for those of you who buy Starlight Members in January. To get it, simply buy a starlight member and complete the Starlight Pass and then you can get this painted skin for free.

Reportedly the Starlight skin in January 2021 will be given to the hero Benedetta. Which we have also provided the latest copy beforehand. Of course, for those of you who are Benedetta users and get the starlight skin. You will get this one painted skin Thamuz.

That’s all for the latest leaked skins for the Painted Skin that will be given to the Thamuz hero in the Mobile Legends game. For those of you Thamuz users, of course, you are obliged to get this one skin when it comes later. Hopefully this is useful and see you soon!

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