You’re welcome pink, which is the strongest skin for M4A1 Free Fire?

Weapons are important items in a war game like Free Fire. Choosing the right one will make your game even better. Not infrequently there are FF players who favor one weapon. The criteria are of course because of the performance of these weapons. Besides that, weapon skins are also a consideration. This time I will compare two skins from M4A1 which have the same theme, namely pink. So, which skin is strong for M4A1 Free Fire?

The choice of skin is of course because of its attractive appearance, including its increased performance. But what if there are two skins for the same weapon having a similar theme? In appearance, of course, both are 11 12, yes, but what about the performance?


  • DAMAGE 53
  • RANGE 77

M4A1 is an Assault Rifle free fire (AR) type weapon. Classified as a weapon with medium accuracy and has a high rate of fire. M4A1 is one of the most stable weapons in Free Fire.

Here I will compare the Pink Magic skin with Pink Paradise, both of which have a pink hue.

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Gun Skin Pink Magic M4A1

The first pink themed skin for M4A1 is the Pink Magic skin. From the appearance of this skin offers a metallic pink hue. There is a futuristic feel to it because of the bright pink color. Even so, this pink skin still has an impression girly.

For the performance of this Pink Magic skin, it will increase the accuracy by two points. Then this skin increases the damage. With these two advantages, it certainly makes M4A1 can be played at a safer distance with more painful shots. But the drawback is that it reduces reloading.

Gun Skin Pink Paradise M4A1

The second skin with a pink theme for M4A1 is the Pink Paradise skin. This skin has a soft matte pink color. There are pictures of cute creatures on the body of this weapon that make this skin visible girly.

For the performance of this skin, it increases the rate of fire. With this you can attack faster. But the drawback of this skin is that it reduces reloading.

Comparison between Skin Pink Magic and Pink Paradise

These two pink-themed skins are really attractive and looks girly. Even though they are both pink, the pink hue is different. Pink Magic features metallic pink that looks futuristic, while Pink Paradise features matte pink with a soft, doll-like impression. If asked which one is more girly or really girl, the answer is Pink Paradise skin. Coupled with pictures of cute doll characters to impress this skin kawaii.

Regarding performance, they both have the same shortcomings, namely reloading. Reloading the M4A1 weapon will reduce its performance due to using these two skins. For added performance, they both offer different things. Pink Magic offers accuracy and damage while Pink Paradise increases the rate of fire.

If we look at the initial performance of the M4A1, it has a high rate of fire for AR weapons. So the addition of the rate of fire will certainly make M4A1 attacks even faster. If you want to strengthen this line, of course the Pink Paradise skin is suitable. However, it seems that the addition to the already fast rate of fire is not that great urgent yes.

It’s different if you want to choose the Pink Magic skin. The accuracy and initial damage performance of the M4A1 are classified as medium. The increase in these two points is certainly more able to make attacks more targeted and painful. So for matters of performance, the Pink Magic skin is more profitable than the Pink Paradise skin.

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That is the comparison of the two pink-themed skins for the M4A1 weapon. If from the appearance of the Pink Paradise skin, it gives a more attractive and more attractive appearance girly. But for performance matters, the Pink Paradise skin provides a much needed offer to improve the initial performance of M4A1. Are you compatible with this comparison? Thank you and booyah!