16 Ways to Get Free Hero Mobile Legends Without ML Diamonds

Mobile Legends is one of the MOBA games made by Moonton in which there are lots of interesting heroes available that you can use in gameplay. Moonton as the developer of Mobile Legends is currently also diligent in providing new hero updates in Mobile Legends. That way in Mobile Legends there will be more choices of interesting heroes that you can play. There are ways to get free Mobile Legends heroes without ML Diamonds that you can do.

To get a hero in Mobile Legend is divided into two ways, namely getting it for free or by buying it. Now for those of you who want ML heroes in a free way, you can follow the following methods which we will convey.

At this opportunity, we will provide an explanation of how to get a free Mobile Legends hero. For those of you who are curious and want to know how to get a free hero in Mobile Legends, let’s just take a look at the reviews below!

How to get free heroes in Mobile Legends without ML diamonds

The following is how ML players can get mobile legends heroes for free by moonton:

  1. Create a new account
  2. New account login event
  3. Exchange with a ticket
  4. With Hero Fragment
  5. Using bp
  6. Join the Hero Event
  7. Using a Lucky Gem
  8. Redeem code
  9. Take advantage of hero rotation
  10. Top up prizes
  11. Hero Trial card
  12. Play in advance server
  13. Returnee player
  14. Lucky spin
  15. So Streamer
  16. Continuous play

This has been summarized by esportsku so that you can read it more easily. In this way, you can try existing heroes.

Hero mobile legends are indeed very valuable to know how to get them. Esports myself has several things that you can use. So here are some steps and ways to get a hero in Mobile Legends for free.

Create New Account

The first time you play this game you will be given about 2 free heroes by Moonton, the heroes are Layla and Zilong.

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New Account Log in Event

Now, the next is an event that is devoted to new accounts, here you can get around 5 heroes and 2 skins by logging this for a week.

Exchange with a ticket

After that, there are usually several heroes that you can buy using Tickets, some of which are Akai, Aluacrd, Tigreal, Gord, Clint and others.

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Exchange with Hero Fragments

The next way you can collect Fragments and exchange them for heroes available in the Shop. The list of heroes in the Shop will always increase with time.

Buy with Battle Point

This method is still included in the free method, namely you can buy it using Battle Points, now you can collect Battle Points yourself in various ways, but you have to be patient, because at least it takes about 1 month to get 1 hero in Mobile Legends.

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Join the Hero Event

In addition, there are several events that you can participate in, one of which is to give free heroes to every Mobile Legends player. Some of the existing free hero events are Faramis, Belerick, Silvanna and many others.

Using a Lucky Gem

Next, namely by exchanging Lucky Gems with heroes for free in Mobile Legends. To get it, you only need to spin the Lucky Spin to get the Lucky Gem.

There is an Odette hero available that you can exchange for free using this method. You can collect around 35 Lucky Gems and then exchange them for free heroes in Mobile Legends.

Not only heroes. You can also exchange them for skins available at the lucky shop. The skins that you can get include odette and sun skin.

Redeem with a Redeem Code

You can also get skins by using the redeem code in the Mobile Legends game. You can get quite a lot of redeem codes.

To get it yourself, you can follow the official fanpage account from mobile legends to get the code. Not only that, you can also participate in various tournaments by watching them. Now in every tournament that is presented, you can get a redeem code.

Take advantage of Free Hero Rotations

Every week there will be many heroes provided for free by Moonton, some of the heroes are randomly selected and you can’t use them carelessly.

But even so, you can still use it so you can play heroes for free. But unfortunately, this hero can only be used in classic mode.

Top Up Prizes

Although not completely free. However, you only do a minimal top up that is quite small. You can top up with only 3 thousand credit and can get selected heroes including free, hanabi and diggie.

Actually, the hero is indeed free, and the diamonds from your top up are also left intact without diminishing at all.

Using Trial Hero

Even though you don’t get the hero permanently, this way you can still get the hero for free. There are many hero trials that you can use, starting from 1 day, 3 days and even one week.

To get it yourself, you only need to play the Mobile Legends game, automatically later you will give a trick hero trial card prize.

Play on Advanced Server

Advanced Server is one of the servers that often provides the latest updates and comes before being released to the original server.

You can play on this server and will get lots of Free Hero Mobile Legends. Free heroes here in the sense that when Moonton releases a new hero, maa you will get a trial or test to play the hero for a week or within the specified time.

Return of the Legends event

Now this event is usually reserved for players who have been inactive for several months, so here you have to complete several tasks, the final prize is a free hero that you can choose from.

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Lucky Spin

Well, besides some of the cars above, you can also get heroes by playing Lucky Spin. This method really requires luck, because not every event you can get it. Besides that, to play it you must need 20 tickets in one turn.

So Streamer Mobile Legends

Becoming a Streamer is also one way for you to get money from a game. By becoming a streamer, of course, you will get a lot of money or sponsors who can give you diamonds or heroes for free. To become a streamer, you must have good enough skills!

Play Continuously!

By playing mobile legends continuously, you will get a lot of gold and of course you can buy the mobile legends hero you want. Make sure you have good friends because that way you will be easy and fun to play mobile legends.

Don’t you ever try to commit violations while playing like AFK, feeder, and Toxic. By avoiding this, you will get mobile legends heroes easily because your gold will be accumulated profusely.

So, those are some ways to get the Free Hero Mobile legends that you can get. Look forward to other interesting information about Mobile Legends only in Esportsku.

Of course, by having a lot of Mobile Legends heroes, you don’t need to be confused anymore to pick a hero, especially to counter various other heroes in Mobile Legends. Don’t forget to follow our Instagram social media at Esportsku (@ esports.ku) to get various other interesting information every day. Stay Tune!