1st Match Analysis of Alter Ego vs Onic eSports MPL ID Season 6

Back again to the match analysis pro scene Mobile Legends Indonesia.

In MPL Season 6 which has arrived until Week 4, this time the two teams occupying the top position of the MPL ID Season 6 standings face each other. The two teams are Alter Ego against Onic eSports.

Onic eSports itself has win rate 100% so far which means you haven’t taken a loss at all. Win rate This makes ONIC firmly in first place on the standings. Can Alter Ego be the first team to beat ONIC? And can AE move ONIC from the first position on the MPL ID Season 6 standings?

This is what it analyzes from match 1st between Alter Ego and Onic eSports in MPL ID Season 6 Week 4!

Map Control


From the first minute, there was a fierce battle in the area bush midlane.

The fight took place between Baxia AE Leo Murphy and Chou ONIC Rasy. This occurs as an effort to master the map or map control which the para pro player. No half-hearted, ONIC Rasy even forced AE Leo Murphy to recall to basebecause of the dying HP.

In the end in phase early game, map control was won by AE LeoMurphy who gave rotation flexibility laning and vision to all members of the Alter Ego team.

The tough Baxia AE Leo Murphy

Onic eSports who realized that AE LeoMurphy was successful in obtaining it map control, don’t stay still. Team fight immediately happened at 3 minutes which was initiated by ONIC Rasy who took Baxia with skill ultimate Chou.

As a result, ONIC had gathered in the area team fight this succeeded in making Baxiapick off and made AE ​​LeoMurphy lose map control. Unmitigated, AE Celiboy who used Ling also had to be killed by coordination team fight excellence from Onic eSports.

Turtle buff the first was also secured by ONIC Sanz as the closing of ONIC’s success in winning map control from Baxia AE LeoMurphy.

The toughness of Baxia AE LeoMurphy is recognized by ONIC. This can be seen from the action of ONIC who again picked up Baxia in the 6 and 10 minutes as quickly as possible. This strategy was carried out by ONIC as an effort to repel AE LeoMurphy to continue moving freely in the Land of Dawn!

Extreme Cover from Chou ONIC Rasy

Carry from Alter Ego namely AE Celiboy, using Ling as hyper carry. Apparently, after successfully repelling AE Leo Murphy, ONIC Rasy started to consider AE Celiboy with his Ling.

Since team fight which happened in the 12th minute, ONIC Rasy gave cover which is very nice to ONIC Sanz. Of course this makes it difficult for AE Celiboy to reach and kill ONIC Sanz.

In fact, on the 15th minute ONIC Sanz and ONIC Rasy hunted down AE Celiboy who cut minion as an effort tactical defense for the Alter Ego. Given that ONIC has successfully eliminated lord and dominate the match. However, coordination and skill extraordinary individuals from ONIC Sanz and ONIC Rasy managed to silence Ling AE Celiboy.

As a result, Onic eSports managed to secure victory points at match the 1st that lasted 17 minutes.

That’s analysis from match 1st between Alter Ego and Onic eSports in MPL ID Season 6 Week 4. Stay tuned for analysis on the next match. Don’t forget to keep supporting your favorite team too!