8 Hero Counter Xborg Mobile Legends (ML) in Ranked!

This is the Hero Counter Xborg Mobile Legends (ML) in Ranked that players need to know in order to fight against x.borg when facing one on one.

Xborg is one of the fighter heroes in Mobile Legends, which has a fairly good level of durability and is fairly difficult to kill. Xborg also has considerable damage from his attack skills. This hero relies heavily on his armor to defend against opponents.

When his Firaga Armor breaks, Xborg’s basic attack will turn into shooting and he cannot use his ultimate skill. To restore his own Firaga Armor, you can take the energy bottle that comes out when he uses his one skill or can immediately return to the base to restore his armor. Because it is quite annoying, we will discuss the Xborg Mobile Legends hero counter here for you.

Hero counting xborg turns out to be very easy if you follow what my esports says according to our experience.

This has been summarized by esportsku so that you can read it more easily. By using this hero, you can fight xborgs more easily.

On this occasion we will provide an explanation of Counter Hero Xborg Mobile Legends. For those of you who are curious and want to know which heroes are suitable to be used to counter Xborg in Mobile Legends, let’s just look at the full explanation below properly and correctly!

Hero Counter Xborg Mobile Legends (ML)


Baxia is one of the tank heroes in Mobile Legends that can be used to counter Xborg heroes. Baxia itself has the ability to reduce the HP Regen effect so it will be very helpful to defeat Xborg. When Firaga Armor Xborg broke, Baxia could also use his one skill to catch up with him. Baxia is quite strong and very good if used to counter Xborg in a gameplay.


Khufra is one of the tank heroes in Mobile Legends which can also be used to counter Xborg ML.

Khufra’s own skill is very troublesome because it can give CC effects to his opponent. Khufra can easily target Xborg by using his one skill.

In addition, Counter Xborg Mobile Legends with its two skills can be used to make Firaga Armor break and the ultimate skill itself can be used to stun Xborg.


Diggie is a support hero in Mobile Legends that can be used to counter Xborg ML. Diggie has the ultimate skill that can make teammates immune to all debuffs and provide additional shields.

This can be used to protect teammates when Xborg uses his ultimate skill. His second skill can also be used to Lock Counter Xborg Mobile Legends when his armor breaks.


Minsitthar himself is also a hero fighter that can be used to counter Xborg ML, his interesting skill will be very useful to attract Xborg after his Firaga Armor breaks. The additional shield from his skill can also help him to fight xborgs easily. Besides that, the silence effect of the ultimate skill itself will also make it difficult for Xborg.

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Zhask Becomes Counter of X.borg Mobile Legends

Zhask becomes a mage hero in Mobile Legends that can be used to counter Xborg. Zhask can use his small robot to attack Xborg and when Xborg uses his ultimate skill, Zhask can use his ultimate skill to change to robot mode so that the damage is not exposed to Zhask.


Who doesn’t know Kadita, the hero who is inspired by the Queen of the South Coast aka Nyi Roro Kidul is X-Borg’s biggest counter. Kadita has the power of water and X-Borg has the power of fire. It was clear that Water would win against Fire. By using the Breath of the Ocean skill. Kadita can stop X-Borg’s movements from a distance.

You can also avoid X-Borg’s Aggressive skill by using Kadita’s Rough Wave skill which can hide in the water and inflict great damage on X-Borg.


Marksman who has enormous damage to this late game will be the second X-Borg counter. Because he is a very easy hero to destroy X-Borg’s Armor with his arrows. Without further ado Irithel can eliminate X-Borg in just a few shots and X-Borg’s Armor won’t be strong enough to withstand massive damage.


Tanks with very useful strength in counting Fanny’s skills. Dash and Flicker will be X-Borg’s third hero counter. With his strength. Khufra can stop X-Borg’s Ultimate Skill because X-Borg when he is about to do Ultimate he will make a dash hit first. but if Khufra manages to counter it with his 2nd skill. Ultimate X-Borg will be canceled and the Armor will be lost. And it will mess up X-Borg’s defense and will fall prey to your team if he fails to escape.

X-Borg is a very annoying hero. With high damage thanks to his passivity and also his burnt skill, it is certainly not an easy thing. Especially in lane and teamfight where he shines.

Now that’s an explanation of the Counter Xborg Mobile Legends (ML) hero that we have discussed. Hopefully this is useful and can be a good reference source for all of you.

Read the explanation above so that you know which heroes can be used to counter Xborg in Mobile Legends! Don’t forget to follow Esportsku (@ esports.ku) here!