Argus is a Paradoxical Mobile Legends Hero? (ML)

If we talk about Argus in Mobile Legends, there must be a lot of things that come to your mind. Opinions about this hero vary, some say stupid heroes, noob heroes, unworthy, very strong, broken, and others. It is interesting because opinions about Argus are very diverse.

Argus is a very interesting fighter hero. He is seen as a 50/50 hero. What is meant by hero 50/50 here is a hero who can either carry a team or become a burden, there is nothing between it. Besides Argus, there are heroes like this, for example Franco and Ling.

In the lower ranks Argus is often used, even though it gives unsatisfactory results. But at the top rank he is very strong, often used by solo players. Very effective and terrible. Argus is one of the best heroes today.

Argus Mobile Legends

If we look at the winrat table above, Argus has a very high WR, but his PR is quite low. Maybe you will say “But Kimmy and Lolitan WR are higher with low PR, how come discuss Argus?” In a moment, we will also explain below.

For Kimmy and Lolita we will look at the most important, role. Yes, for the marksman role there are Brody, Hanabi, and Lesley who are very strong. This many marksman choices are the same as tanks which are dominated by Grock, Khufra, and Atlas. But for Argus it’s a little different.

The choice of fighter, of course, is very diverse, very strong, so the pickrate will be spread out. Call it Terizla, Thamuz, X-Borg, Silvanna, and others. This fighter is scrambling to use. This makes Argus get another option, namely as a jungler, even though it’s a little awkward.

With a pickrate that is indeed higher and a fairly good pickrate, this is data from Legend rank and above where Argus is not meta, while Lolita and Kimmy can be considered here.

Argus, although not a meta hero with a high WR, makes him an antimeta hero. He is indeed a bit weak in the laning phase, but this is what is interesting. Argus is terrible in the late game and can be a strong pick for tricore aggro where the team will play more cores.

Argus Mobile Legends

With a very high late game potential, this is what makes it effective in high ranks compared to lower ranks. Most of the players in the lower ranks don’t understand. He needs a good positioning and also the right timing. In the lower ranks it’s hard to find a player like this.

By sacrificing the early game for the team, in the late game Argus could become a monster. Especially with the popularity of support buffers like Angela and frontline tankers like Lolita and Khufra, Argus can reach its best potential now.

Indeed many underestimate Argus in Mobile Legends, but make no mistake. In high rank, there are many reliable players who play it, different from the lower rank. Especially its main weakness makes it a bit spoiled, it suits support who understands playing. Don’t forget to keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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