Benefits of FF Having Friends Hiding in Free Fire 2020

Until now, the Free Fire game is still the best because of the updates and developments provided. All of these things are presented specifically for the players. Where now, there are already more than 250 million players who play the game. For the Free Fire Character feature only, it is still in use today.

Garena is the direct developer of this game, so of course all the updates provided are pretty good and really cool. Free Fire has also received many awards, there is even the Richest Player in Free Fire because they have millions of diamonds.

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Right now, all of you can feel a lot of new developments in the game. And there is also some information, about the Locations of the Groza Free Fire Weapons that have been found. You guys later, can have a chance to get this weapon.

When you play this game, of course there is such a thing as Solo mode or Squad mode. For Solo mode, you will play alone and fight enemies who are alone too. But if you are in Squad mode, you will fight with the team and against enemies who are in the same team.

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If you play together with friends, of course you have experienced a phase where your friends play secretly. Never insult or ridicule this, because it can be profitable for the team.

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

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Advantages of Having Friends Playing Hiding in Free Fire

  1. Become Support

Of course, when you play Squad Mode, you need a Support. Of course in this way, this support will be very helpful in dealing with friends who are injured or in a knock state.

Support for this too, apparently there is still a lot. So of course playing hidden can be very beneficial for the team.

  1. Can Provide Enemy Position While Hiding

Don’t think playing hiding can’t do anything, because this can also help the team to find out the position of the enemy. So that later, you one team will not be hit by Flank or die suddenly because of the enemy’s attack.

For friends who like to play hiding, you should know some Tips on Knowing Enemy Locations in Free Fire. So that later, you will not have difficulty providing information on the location.

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  1. Can Help Battle Without Enemy Discovered

If you are doing an open battle and there is 1 friend who is hiding, of course that can be profitable too. Because it will help, in dealing damage unnoticed. In this way, the enemy will be confused and afraid to fight back.

If you see that the enemy is starting to be afraid, try to get the team or the one who is hiding to kill. Don’t let him escape, just use Free Fire’s Best Auto Headshot Weapon so you can kill him quickly.

  1. Helps So That Point Rank Is Missing A Lot

Furthermore, by having friends like this, you can save the lost points. If all three team members die first, then only 1 member is left. Don’t be insulted, but encourage you to play safely and secretly.

Therefore, in this way he will also last until the end. If you have reached the last zone, try to bring him the Gloo Wall item. In order to fight, with the last enemy Squad.

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So, those are some of the information that we can convey on this occasion. How? Apart from this information, you can also use the Best Free Fire Vehicles so you can escape quickly too.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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