Bug Airdrop FF Stuck Above the Sky in Free Fire

Now there is a FF Bug in the Stuck airdrop above the Free Fire Sky, this is quite strange and can be considered unique too. The news is that if this bug will indeed be present, if something happens to us later. Moreover, what you need to pay attention to is that every bug that appears in the Free Fire game now, really needs to be removed directly.

But now there are a variety of new updates that might help you compete later. All things and various updates to this event, such as the Booyah Day Free Fire Event are quite interesting for you to try to experience later. Especially knowing some other things like Bugs too, is one of the interesting things for us to know at this time.

But what about various other recent information now, so maybe it will help you in playing this Free Fire game. Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

Airdrop Bug Stuck Above Free Fire Sky

For those who are present today, Airdrop is indeed one of the most important items for all of us to get. By wearing or using this, we can become good again and but if it gets a bug, what should we do? This is what happened in the Free Fire game, where Airdrop encountered a bug regarding the air.

Indeed, we also have to know How to Take the Right Airdrop Free Fire Item, but what if you want to take it if it’s stuck like that. This will be detrimental to the player, where indeed the various items that should be taken should instead get stuck in the sky. By knowing if it really concerns it, it will definitely be a pretty severe one.

You have to report this bug to Garena Free Fire Customer Service so that it can be fixed. To make this Airdrop get a bug, the method is quite easy so we can do it. So when you experience a large enough ping, automatically everything in the game will immediately stop as well. Including Airdrops descending from the sky will be able to stop above the sky and when it returns to normal it will still be successfully stuck.

Stuck in the Sky!

So, for example, if you just want to be fun like this, then you can make the Airdrop stick above the sky. But the consequences we get are definitely not going to get a variety of unique items from there. Because in the Airdrop there are several Mainstay Looting Items for Free Fire Player which of course you can have and use when competing in the game too.

Experiencing a bug while playing this game is not going to be a very good thing. You also have to know the Advantages and Disadvantages of Bugs in Free Fire today, which will really explain all the information well. If we can properly report this Bug, then you will directly help Garena on this quest.

In addition, there are also other bugs, where we know that the Bug in Bermuda 2.0 Free Fire is quite detrimental. Just get off a plane or high place, immediately get a trial like this bug.

Especially if the bug is really damaging, maybe you can get a prize that is quite unique. If a bug that could damage it is like the Free Fire Character Color Bug which is now also completely removed. So players who play, won’t be able to feel an adverse bug like this in the future.

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