DBS Shotgun to Late Game Classic PUBG Mobile? Check out the tips!

The shotgun is a type of weapon in PUBG Mobile that has the greatest damage when used for close combat. This weapon can kill enemies with just 1 bullet.

One of the most famous Shotguns on PUBG Mobile is the DBS Shotgun. DBS itself is now a meta weapon that is often used for classic games.

DBS Shotgun to Late Game Classic PUBG Mobile? Check out the tips!


1. Use for Close Combat Only

The shotgun is a weapon that was created for close combat, even if it is used for medium-range combat, it is no longer effective. So you have to really use this weapon according to his abilities

You can shoot enemies at a distance of less than 20 meters using this weapon, if you aim it correctly then with just 1 or 2 bullets the enemy can be killed quickly.

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2. Scope

The DBS Shotgun can indeed be fitted with various types of scopes, ranging from scope red dot sight to even 6x scope. It is the same as the S12K Shotgun, although various types of scopes are installed, the most effective one is the scope that is not multiplied.

This means that the scope that is not multiplied is the scope that is not enlarged, such as red dot sight or holographic sight. Even this DBS Shotgun can be used without using a scope.

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3. Number of Bullets

Because in this discussion we explain how to use the DBS Shotgun until the late game, therefore you need to carry a little more bullets than you usually use a Shotgun.

Shotguns are usually used for early game play, so 10 bullets are enough. But if you want to use it for one full game, you can carry at least 100 Shotgun bullets.

Carrying a large number of Shotgun bullets will definitely help you a lot, considering that the Shotgun itself is a weapon rarely used by players until the end of the game.

The difficulty of finding Shotgun bullets in the enemy box indirectly forces you to be able to get more bullets before starting the battle.

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4. Secondary Weapon

Using the DBS Shotgun until the end of the game is almost impossible if it is not assisted by adequate secondary weapons. We recommend using an AR type weapon as a secondary weapon for the DBS Shotgun.

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AR weapons have a high level of efficiency, this weapon can be used for close to long range combat. For the name of the weapon, we recommend using the M416 weapon available throughout the PUBG Mobile map.