Don’t Force Log In During Free Fire Maintenance in May FF ​​2020

Garena is a direct developer of the Free Fire game, and even later the game will feature many other pretty cool updates. For now, all updates that have been presented to the game have been good. There are even the Latest Free Fire Ranked Items that can be used today.

When you play ranked, of course the main goal is to win to get Booyah or reach the top 10. If you die at the beginning of the match, your points will automatically decrease. You can even use a powerful Free Fire Rank Character Combination.

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So that, you can also win the game quite easily, of course. Even now, there are many things like Free Fire Weapon Types. So that you, yourself, can determine which weapon you want to use when competing.

Even this May 7, you will face a new maintenance. In fact, you can find out, When the Maintenance Free Fire May 7, 2020 ends, so you are not curious. With Maintenance, of course this game will be maintained.

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If this game is facing maintenance, the server will automatically close and only Garena can access it. All players who are playing, will immediately be subject to a mass disconnect. So they, too, can reduce the risk when maintenance starts.

Maybe from times, there must be someone who doesn’t know some of the risks if you force login when maintenance starts.

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

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Risk of Forced Login When Maintenance Free Fire Starts

  1. Cannot Login

Of course, the first risk is that you can’t log in, even if you don’t want to try thousands of times, you won’t be able to. This is because the Garena system has locked all doors or players’ entry into the game if there is maintenance.

So you guys later, have to be able to survive and wait patiently until the maintenance is completed perfectly.

  1. Game Error File

There are some players who experience this problem, where they want to force login but instead experience an update. Now, of course, if the Maintenance is not finished, automatically all the files downloaded on the update will not be perfect.

What will happen? Of course, your game file will later become an error, so you are forced to do how to reinstall Free Fire. If you experience this and it’s still maintenance, try to wait for the maintenance to finish and then download it again.

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  1. Annoying Garena

Of course, if you log in forcibly during maintenance, this will interfere with Garena’s updates. So they will also receive a notification that there are several players who want to try to log in.

Don’t get me wrong, because in the past there was a case of a player being banned for 1 day. In this way, it adds to the list of reasons why Free Fire accounts are currently banned.

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So, those are some of the information that we can convey on this occasion. How? do you all understand and won’t force login again? besides this information, there are some tips for destroying the best vehicles. That way, the enemy driving will never be safe.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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