Elemental Crucible Genshin Impact Co-op Event

Genshin Impact is currently holding a co-op event that you can participate in with your friends. The gameplay system is also quite unique and fun to follow. You can play with your friends who have the same world level, or a world level lower than you. That way, you can work together to complete missions and get rewards. Here we will discuss about events at genshin impact.

The co-op event which was enshrined in genshin impact, gave a new atmosphere to the player. Here you can’t do things alone. Instead, you have to be able to play co-op. You will have to complete the handbook to get the prizes. That way, you can complete the event. There are also many prizes given such as primogeme, mora, and others such as the character’s material level.

This event is called Elemental Crucible. Here you have to complete the quest first. If you have completed the quest, later you can do this event with your friends. You can invite your friends who want to play, or do matchmaking with strangers.

The genshin impact event this time is even more exciting with the co-op feature. a new event has arrived, you can see it below:

  1. Elemntal Crucible Co-op Event
  2. How to play events

has been summarized by esportsku so that you can read it more comfortably. With this event, playing genshin impact will be even more exciting.

Here ESPORTSKU will provide information about the Coop Elemental Crucible Genshin Impact Event, which is currently running. You can participate in this event if you have completed the mission and can do co-op. That way, you can play this event.

Elemental Crucible Genshin Impact Co-op Event

This event starts on October 12th. This event is held simultaneously with the character’s bug fix. You can get lots of prizes by completing this one event. If you use resin, you can get ar to increase your Adventure Rank. The way to participate in this event is quite easy too.

To take part in this event, you must complete a few things first. First, you have to complete the quest and fight Stormterror. After that, you must be able to open the co-op system first. If so, you will be given a mission to talk to one of the alchemists in Monstad. Then, you will be given instructions for conducting events.

How to Play the Event

You can play with your friends with 4 people per party. You can also do matchmaking with strangers. When you have gathered, you can go to the designated place, and interact by sorting in the middle of that area. If so, you can start the game.

The way to play is easy, you only have to collect the scattered elemental cubes and deliver them to the existing pillars. If you are hit by an elemental correction, the cube will disappear. You also cannot take a different cube. If you take a different cube, both of them will disappear.

That’s information about the Coop Elemental Crucible Genshin Impact Event, which you can follow. This event is a lot of fun to follow with generous prizes. You can also get primogeme if you play it 20 times. To complete the missions in the handbook, you don’t need to use resin. Just by playing it, you can complete the mission.

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