Free Fire’s Latest Magic Cube Bundle January 2020

The various kinds of interesting events provided by Garena for the Free Fire game, of course, will always produce positive input in the future. This is because the events that are given will always present various kinds of attractive prizes and missions that are not too complicated. This time there is the Latest Free Fire Magic Cube FF Bundle for January 2020

The events that are presented are usually free or you have to participate by paying using a Diamond. But all prizes lunar event ff what you will get is not too disappointing.

For example, during Winterland 2019 yesterday, you can get lots of attractive prizes as well as a AK47 Winterland weapon skins the Legend can be obtained for free.

Not only that, there are many paid events that present attractive bundles for you to get at Winterland 2019 yesterday. Even so, quite a number of players participated in enlivening the paid event.

Now that we have entered 2020, the latest events from Free Fire will start more this year. Now on January 8th, Free Fire has launched an interesting event that you can participate in simultaneously.

Now there is a new Bundle released by Free Fire. However, this is a limited edition Magic Cube Bundle Free Fire January 2020 which can be obtained through the Magic Cube. Previously, the Magic Shop event was available on the Web event, but now it is available in the Shop on January 8, 2020.

The latest Free Fire Magic Cube Bundle in January 2020 has been released and you players can check it right away if you are curious.

On this occasion, we will provide more information about the latest January 2020 magi cube ff bundle from the Magic Shop event. Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

Free Fire’s Latest Magic Cube Bundle January 2020

Free Fire’s latest January 2020 Magic Cube Bundle which has just been released has the name Valkyrie Bundle. If you take a closer look at the Bundle, it looks like a female knight who was in the era of the Gladiator Gladiator.

Free Fire Gladiator Bundle

The Latest Free Fire Magic Cube Bundle in January 2020 does look like a female gladiator who will finish off all enemies in the battle arena. In addition, this Bundle has the characteristics of an Iron Skirt and a Mask and strong iron armor to withstand enemy attacks.

Bunlde Dunk Master Magic Cube Free Fire

In addition, players can also get a cool January 2020 magi cube ff bundle that has a professional basketball player model. Players will find the bundle in red basketball clothes with a combination of dark blue carvings that you can see.

The benefits you get too, the newest magi cube ff bundle will not appear on the Magic Shop Web Event. This bundle immediately appeared in the newly updated Free Fire Shop.

So that you can get one of these cool Bundles, you also need 1 Magic Cube. Which has the function of exchanging the latest magi cube ff bundle in the Magic Shop. To be able to get 1 Magic Cube, you have to collect 100 Fragments Magic Cube.

Free Fire has been more focused on releasing a Bundle through Incubator and Diamond Royale, so it is only natural that the Bundle in the Magic Shop is a rare Bundle.

Besides that, there are several issues that say the Excitement of the January Event is not over. There will be many new events coming this January. That’s all we can say on this occasion, don’t miss this cool event.

Especially for those of you who like the Magic Shop Bundle.

Greetings, Booyah.


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