How to Get 10 Million Battle Points in Mobile Legends for Free

Mobile Legends is growing all the time because there are always new changes that make the quality of this game even better. Currently there is a new arena 1 vs 1 mode, which is the second minigame after magic chess. This time we will explain how to get 10 million Battle Points in Mobile Legends for free by utilizing this 1 vs 1 arena mode.

Arena 1 vs 1 mode is a Mobile Legends mini game that has the same gameplay as the Clash Royale strategy game. You will definitely be familiar with this one mini game and you can definitely play it easily. It seems that Moonton presents this new mode to be another entertainment for those of you who like to play strategy games and can be played casually.

On this occasion, Esportsku will discuss how to get 10 million battle points in Mobile Legends for free. Now for those of you who are curious and want to know how to get lots of battle points in Mobile Legends for free and easy, let’s just look at the full explanation below!

How to Get 10 Million Battle Points in Mobile Legends for Free

You need to know that on the advanced server itself, a new mode has arrived, which is the second mini game of Mobile Legends after magic chess. This new mode is called Arena 1 vs 1 Mode where you will play against one opponent by competing strategies. If you know the clash royale game, then you will be familiar with playing in this mode.

The Advanced Server is indeed a place to test any new content that exists before it is released on the Original Mobile Legends server. When we tried to play this mode, it turned out that there was a bug that you can use to get battle points for free. Not only a few thousand, but you can get battle points up to millions. This bug lies in the Gacha Deck feature or cards for use in Arena 1 vs 1 mode. The following is a complete explanation to get the free battle points!

Have an Initial Capital of Up to 100 Thousand Battle Points

To take advantage of this bug, of course, you need an initial capital of 100 thousand battle points. You have to use this initial capital to draw first until you have all the existing decks. Take it easy, you have nothing to lose because after all of your decks you get, if you draw again you will be replaced with more battle points.

Using Auto Click or Manual Application

After you get all the decks, do it continuously to draw again. Each deck you already have will be replaced with a larger number of battle points. Especially if your rarity deck is high, then the battle points you get will also get even bigger. You can draw manually or use an auto-click application so you don’t get tired because it can work automatically.

You can collect as many battle points as possible

The battle points that you collect have no limits. You can get hundreds of thousands to millions by applying this method. As long as this bug can still be used as well as you can. That way you can get as many battle points as possible which you can use to upgrade Emblems, buy heroes, and so on!

As additional information, this bug can still be used on advanced servers. But it doesn’t mean that it still works on the original server because it is likely that Moonton has fixed it. So just wait for the continuation of this bug information when it’s released on the original server Arena 1 vs 1 mode!

So, that’s the discussion about how to get 10 million Battle points in Mobile Legends for free that Esports I reviewed. Hopefully this is useful and can help you to get more battle points in Mobile Legends,