How to Get Border Avatar Limited VNG Mobile Legends (ML)

In November 2020 this time Moonton presented quite a number of the latest surprises to Mobile Legends gamers. After we have Border Avatar Blazing West for free, you can also get Border Avatar Limited VNG for free in a way that the author will tell you below.

Border Avatar Limited VNG is one of the newest Border Avatars that has an attractive appearance that you can get. A very unique border size with a VNG birthday theme, you can celebrate it too by getting the Limited VNG Border Avatar.

On this occasion, Esportsku will provide a way to get Border Avatar Limited VNG for free in the Mobile Legends game. Now for those of you who want to have this exclusive item, please see the full review that the author will provide as follows.

How to Get Free Border Avatar Limited VNG in Mobile Legends

To get Border Avatar Limited VNG is quite complicated and you have to use several additional methods so that you can succeed in getting the prize you want. As for claiming Border Avatar Limited VNG, the author will tell you the following.

Download the Mobile Legends VNG Apk

You can’t use a VPN to do this method, but you have to use the second method, namely installing two Mobile Legends games at once. In the first step, please download Mobile Legends VNG which you can get on Google. Just the way “Mobile Legends VNG” You can download it at Apkpure then download and install the game.

Here, make sure you use two Mobile Legends games at once, the normal version and the VNG version. Next, please open the game and update it to get the latest events. But don’t download the data. After updating, do the next step.

Copy Mobile Legends Game Data

Next, please copy your Mobile Legends game data to the Mobile Legends VNG game. This is done in order to save your quota and you don’t need to download it again. The method itself is quite easy. You can see in the video above, or more simply, just copy the data from the com.mobilelegends.mlbb file to the com.vng.mobilegendsvng folder as in the video above.

Join the VNG Birthday Event

The last is by following the VNG Birthday event which took place in the Mobile Legends VNG game above. To finish the event is quite easy, you only need to share, play rank or classic, play with friends and log in for a week to get VNG Birthday Cake items.

After collecting enough items, you can exchange the event with Border Avatar Limited VNG for free in the exchange event that has been provided by Moonton.

So that’s it, to get Border Avatar Limited VNG for free in the Mobile Legends game. Hopefully you can get the exclusive and limited border by using the steps and methods above. Good luck and see you!