How to use the best Karrie ML in Mobile Legends

Karrie is a Marksman hero in Mobile Legends which is the best counter to finish off Tanks. If your enemy uses two tanks meta, Karrie is the best Marksman hero you can use. In addition, he can also be easily killed and agile in the game.

The methods below will be very effective for you to understand. Provided by Esportsku so of course you can understand better when playing with Karrie in Mobile Legends.

Karrie’s strengths

Can kill tanks quickly

High mobility with attacks capable of chasing targets.

Lack of Karrie

Squishy, ‚Äč‚Äčlike any other marksman.

Karrie Mobile Legends Skill Set

Passive Skill: Lightwheel Mark

Each Karrie attack will give a Lightwheel Mark to the enemy. At any given time, the opponent will receive about five Lightwheel Mark marks. well on the fifth attack, Karrie will get a true damage bonus.

Skill 1: Spining Lightwheel

Karrie can throw energy balls forward. After being thrown the ball will produce damage and slow effects if it hits your opponent.

Skill 2: Phantom Step

Karrie can move quickly in the desired direction and inflict Lightweel attacks on enemies and inflict damage.

Ultimate: Speedy Lightwheel

Karrie enters Dual Wield Mode and throws Lightweel projectiles rapidly within seconds. Each projectile can do about half the damage, and it will get a decrease in attack speed.

Battle Spell and Emblem Set

For his battle spell, Karrie will be greatly helped by using Flicker so that he will have extra mobility to be able to escape easily if ranked by the enemy.

As for the emblem itself, you can use the Custom Assassin Emblen with the Bounty Hunter talent who can get additional Gold when he gets it for faster scaling.

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Best Item for Karrie

How to use Carry Mobile Legends

The way to play Karrie is the same as playing marksman in general, at the beginning of the game you can clear the lane with the help of a Tank. After that, go to farming and take buffs and come back cleaning creeps.

After getting the ultimate, roam to the lower lane or lane. If you see an enemy, you can use the Spining Lightweel to deal a surprise attack on the enemy and give it a Crowd Control effect.

Markman can usually level up quickly, you can immediately look for engagement or team fight opportunities to start snowball. This can be achieved through a rotation from a teammate or when taking over for Turle.

If you are successful with early engagement, you can start snowballing in the mid and late games. However, if you feel left behind, you can move from lane to the forest to get exp and gold quickly.

In Team Fight, Karrie really depends on the right position. You can take cover behind the tank and really rely on phantom steps to keep your distance. With the right positioning and timing, you can finish off the enemy quickly.

So that’s how to use Karrie in Mobile Legends. May be useful.