Inspired by PUBG Mobile, Mumbai Police Campaigns Against Covid-19.

PUBG Mobile can be an inspiration for action in the real world. One of the inspired institutions is the Indian police. To be precise the Mumbai police agency, India. No kidding, inspired by PUBG Mobile, the Mumbai police campaigned against Covid-19.

The inspiration from PUBG mobile cannot be separated from how popular this game is among Indians. Indian young people really like playing PUBG Mobile. Maybe the tendency is the same as in Indonesia.

Make PUBG Mobile Messages

Because of its popularity, the police in Mumbai made appeals in the PUBG Mobile style. His campaign then diesbar to all Mumbai people. The hope is that the Mumbai people will be familiar with PUBG Mobile and then understand the purpose of the campaign.

The Mumbai Police is adapting the Red Zone concept at PUBG Mobile. Their explanation was for residents to avoid the Red Zone area.

The way to not get hit by the Red Zone is to just stay at home. Not even welcoming the arrival of the Red Zone by leaving the house casually. Well, the Red Zone here is defined as the Covid-19 virus.

This PUBG Mobile-style campaign from the police in Mumbai is being raised on Twitter, please. In the end, their campaign went viral and got a lot of praise. The capabilities of the police in Mumbai were adapted by several other institutions from several countries. The problem is that it is considered effective and familiar in the community.

Various campaign methods were carried out by Indian government officials because the spread of Covid-19 there was high. Moreover, Mumbai is the area with the largest population in India. There are 20 million people living in India.

The area of ​​the city of Mumbai is as large as Jakarta which is only about 600 km2. The population of Jakarta is only 9 million people. Can you imagine? The area is the same but 2 times denser than Jakarta. Even though living in Jakarta is already full of traffic jams, how does it feel to live in Mumbai, huh ?!

The Risk Of Covid-19 In Mumbai Is Very High!

With such a density, the risk of Covid-19 spreading is really great. There have been 15,000 cases of people who have contracted Covid-19 in Mumbai. It is possible that the number will continue to increase.

With such a background, it makes sense that the police in India have made various efforts to provide information to the public. Various ways including unique and sometimes out of the box. That’s why it’s not surprising, Indian youths are willing to obey the government’s wishes.

PUBG Mobile is not the only method used for the Covid-19 prevention campaign. There are several other artists who are acting creatively for the prevention and spread of Covid-19.

The Mumbai police is in the public eye because he doesn’t just come to borrow goods once or twice. There have been several times, deh. One of them is the incident in 2018 yesterday.

In 2018, the Mumbai police launched a PUBG Mobile-style campaign to advise residents to wear helmets when riding motorized vehicles.

Basically, the police are creative and the PUBG Mobile kids, so let’s get ready for the next few months there will be a similar campaign.