Item Build Garen Damage LoL Mobile Wild Rift, Not Canned Tanks!

Garen, of course you know, this burly man who often adorns Wild Rift commercials is indeed very tough. Often used thanks to its high sustain, apparently with this Garen item build, Wild Rift damage itself can be terrible. Despite using bulld damage, Garen is still sick!

He is also very flexible considering that Garen can fill Baron, mid, and support tanks. But this build is more inclined to damage, so you can fill in the Baron and also the midlane when playing later. Even if you think this is a build trolling item, of course you will. Given that Garen is more tanky, this build item is also very suitable.

Thanks to his skillset that makes him a suitable sustain bruiser, Garen is quite flexible. You can make him full damage, tank, and also hybrid. This is what makes it quite popular with many people, both beginners and veterans. So for those of you who want to master the Wild Rift, you can use Garen.

Item Build Garen Damage LoL Mobile Wild Rift

His full damage build item is also not that complicated. Even Garen will be even stronger considering the synergy of items and skills is very strong. You must try if you are confident on the lane, especially against laners who are a bit squishy. Of course, the build of this item is based on my playing experience:

  1. Trinity Force
  2. Ninja Tabi
  3. Phantom Dancer
  4. Death’s Dance
  5. Sterak’s Gage
  6. Guardian Angel

Here, let’s discuss the item build for Garen damage Wild Rift. With this build item Garen you will become a terrible champion. You can’t just miss high damage with great sustain!

Trinity Force

Item Stats Effects

+200 Max Health
+20 Attack Damage
+ 40% Attack Speed
+300 Max Mana
+ 20% Cooldown Reduction

Fervor: + 5% Move Speed.

Spellblade: Using an ability causes the next attack used within 10 seconds to deal bonus physical damage equal to 200% base. (1.5s Cooldown)

Rage: Attacks grant 20 Move Speed ​​and kills grant 60 Move Speed ​​for 2 seconds. Bonuses do not stack. Ranged champions gain halved values.

If you play build damage, there is a reason you will buy this item first for Garen. First is the Trinity stat. This item’s stat is very good, it gives damage, ASPD, HP, and CDR. All these things are very necessary for Garen to increase its effectiveness. Of course, it is very suitable to be combined with his 1st skill.

Ninja Tabi

Item Stats Effects

+40 Move Speed
+10 Armor

Block: Blocks 10% of damage from attacks.

Sprint (Active): Increases Move Speed ​​by 15% for 3 seconds. Dealing or taking damage from champions removes sprint. (60s Cooldown)

Ninja tabi is the shoe of your choice. When I play and use this item it is quite suitable for Garen’s shoes, especially as he occupies a lane that focuses on AD, these shoes can be very useful. You can change it at will depending on your needs, but it’s better to focus on sustain.

You can upgrade these shoes later after the first or second item. Preferably buying a teleport enchanter because Garen can’t stay still and has to keep pushing and applying pressure.

Phantom Dancer

Item Stats Effects

+ 25% Critical Rate
+ 45% Attack Speed

Spectral Waltz: + 5% Move Speed.

Lifeline: If you would take damage that would reduce maximum health below 35%, you first gain a shield that absorbs 240 – 590 (based on level) for 5 seconds (90 second cooldown).

Yes, you must be confused about why Garen bought this item, but there is a reason. ASPD and the critical rate are just bonuses, not good enough for you to use. But what you are after is the MVSPD passive and also Lifeline. Aggressive Garen can take advantage of the shield from this item’s effect, which can be useful for avoiding death.

Death’s Dance

+300 Max Health
+35 Attack Damage
+ 10% Cooldown Reduction

Dance: + 10% Physical Vamp.

Cauterize: 30% of damage taken is instead dealt as a Bleed effect over 3 seconds

Death’s Dance is the next target item. According to my playing experience, this item is perfect for Garen. HP, dmage, and CDR will be needed by him. Moreover, it’s not just stats because the passive effect is also strong. AD Vamp which is useful even if the value is not high and also Cauterize to make it more sustainable.

Sterak’s Gage

Stats Effects

+400 Max Health

Heavy Handed: + 50% Base Attack Damage. Only applies to melee champions.

Lifeline: If you would take damage that would reduce maximum health below 35%, you first gain a shield that absorbs 75% of your bonus health that decays over 3 seconds (90 second cooldown).

Sterak’s Fury: Triggering Lifeline increases size and grants 30% Tenacity for 3 seconds.

Can only be purchased on Melee champions

Stack will become an item that makes Garen’s power spike jump high! This item offers a stat for good sustain. Not only that, Sterak also provides a fairly high bonus damage. Although Lifeline doesn’t stack with Phantom, but the effect of Sterak’s Fury comes in, making Garen very terrifying when active.

Guardian Angel

Item Stats Effects

+45 Attack Damage
+40 Armor

Resurrect: Upon taking lethal damage, restores 50% base Health and 30% Mana after 4 seconds of stasis. (180s Cooldown)

Guardian Angel is Garen’s item of choice for the last slot. According to my playing experience, this item is quite good and suitable as a flex and clutch pick. But there is nothing wrong if you replace it if you need it later. An interesting and high enough stat as well as a revive effect will definitely be really needed by Garen

That’s the Garen damage Wild Rift build item that you can use. Of course, this Garen damage will be even more effective if you have a 2nd tank like Braum or Blitzcrank. the reason is Garen will not be as cool as usual with this build item. Also follow our social media on Instagram.


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