Leaked Web FF Dadu Free Fire Event Map for October 2020

You must know that there is a leak of the latest FF web event, Free Fire Dice Map now. By participating in this event, you can have a variety of things that are quite profitable. Because this will really make all of you, you have to be able to follow or know that the event is coming soon too.

The updates that appear in the game Free Fire now, do have fun that we can feel later. Especially knowing a Free Fire Token Web Event Update Leaked yesterday, there is already an outside server and lives in Indonesia. Knowing all these things too, will make a huge profit for you guys later.

Especially those given for the next update too, will definitely be the thing we all have been waiting for the most. Listen to the explanation directly, in the article below right now.

Leaks of the Latest Web Event for Map Dadu Free Fire

So for the information that is currently happening, we can indeed say that there are a lot of events that are currently being presented. But there are still leaks and maybe it will make you even better so you can play the Free Fire game. Especially knowing this event too, will make a big profit for all of you in the future.

The Web Event that is now being leaked is one of the past, which has appeared on Indonesian servers. Because we know that the LC Comander Free Fire Bundle has been released, in an event also on our server. But it turns out that the news from Leaks now turns out that this is being presented again with a web event that is quite interesting to try.

Coming to Server Indonesia?

The event presented at the leak is now one of the most unique to try. Because what we need to know is that this latest event will give the Bundle the main prize. We also need to see whether there will be changes or not, at this event to be present on the Indonesian server later.

How to play in this event is arguably very easy, because you only need to Spin the Dice so that the Kelly pin moves. Each location that is present at this web event will give various prizes. It could be Weapon Loot Crate Free Fire, normal Bundles and other prizes that are interesting enough for us to try too.

Total Spin you can do 1 Spin 9 Diamond and 5 Spin 39 Total Diamond. By participating in events like this too, you will be even better at getting these cool prizes. Then know that, for example, each dice that comes out will show a number which shows the number of moves the pin will move later.

The main prize is at the very end, so if at the beginning of the Spin you get a total of 6 points of motion then you can automatically run and can immediately get the Bundle. No one knows when this event will be present, but what is clear is that all such information will be the most beneficial for you to try.

Events do come in very diverse forms, all things like this will really help you. Especially if we already know the leak of the current 520 Diamond Free Fire Top Up Bonus Event. By following all the events that are presented, it will certainly be one of the advantages that the layers can experience later.

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