Many Boys Play Free Fire, FF Players Must Know the Reason!

As one of the busiest battle royale games for smartphone devices, of course Free Fire is very popular to play. This game is very busy being played in Indonesia and also South America like Brazil. Surely there are many reasons why this game is so busy being played by many people. Even so, this busyness is because there are a lot of Bocils Playing Free Fire, but why huh ?.

As we know, free fire is played by many people, but what we will talk about this time is about age share. Interestingly, if you pay attention to the players in Free Fire, it is mostly played by children under the age of 16. If you compare it to other battle royale games like PUBG M and Call of Duty Mobile, this is very interesting to discuss.

Of course, there is a reason for the Free Fire players, most of whom are children. The answer is actually quite easy and we will discuss it below later. You can pay attention to this for yourself and it makes sense if you think about the large number of Free Fire players who are mostly young children.

Here we will discuss and give reasons why many children or young people play the Free Fire game. With this you will know the concrete reasons why so many young players are playing Free Fire. If you are curious please look down for that reason.


It’s no secret that Free Fire is a very light game to play. If you compare it to other battle royale games, Free Fire is the lightest. If you are curious about the spec comparison, we have provided the data below.

Free Fire Android

  • OS: Android 4.0 Ice Cream (minimum).
  • CPU: Mediatek MT6737M quad-core (1.1GHz
  • GPU Mali 400 or similar.
  • RAM: 1GB.

PUBG Mobile Minimum System Requirement For Mobile

  • Android, Ios, Mobile Os
  • Version- android 5.1 or High, IOS 9.0 or Higher
  • Processor – 480 or additional
  • RAM – Min 4 GB RAM

Call of Duty Mobile System Requirements

  • Android version 5+
  • Snapdragon 625
  • Adreno 506
  • 3 GB RAM

It is clear that PUBG Mobile is a very heavy game and is followed by CAll of Duty Mobile. The reason may be because PUBG Mobile is a port of their PC series which uses Unreal Engine 4.

When viewed from the specs alone, it is clear that most of the leaked players in Free Fire use mediocre smartphone devices. Maybe it can’t even run PUBG Mobile or just barely under 30 stable FPS for Call of Duty Mobile.


If we compare the graphics alone, it is clear that Free Fire will look very bad compared to other battle royals. PUBG, which uses realistic graphics and Call of Duty, which uses a modern semi-futuristic style, is certainly not very suitable for children. With light graphics and easy on the eyes, Free Fire is the answer. Not too over and clutter is also nice on the eyes for some people.


Not only Free Fire, if you compare it to other pay to win games, there are many kids who like to play it. Call it Point Blank, Lost Saga, and other pay to win PC games that are very happy to be played by the little guys. The reason is because they prefer to play free games which in the end are more expensive than buying games worth three hundred thousand more. In addition, by following the pay to win method, low skills can also keep up with good players who don’t spend a lot of money.


Free Fire is also very easy to play by many groups and is somewhat more casual. If we compare it to PUBG and CoD, of course, these two are more complicated. There is a bullet drop mechanism, realistic phyisics, an unreliable minimap, and also the unique sound of the weapon. For CoD their battle royale is quite complicated thanks to the class with their gadgets, besides that the game also feels very fast and there is no rest. Of course Free Fire is easier to play and many people are able to learn it easily.


This is the most important of all of the above. Most Free Fire players are young people who play Free Fire because of encouragement from relatives only. Starting from friends who play, family, or others. Impressed to follow along thanks to a friend to play with.

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That is the main reason why there are so many kids playing Free Fire until now. Of course, this game is very easy to access and also to play, making it a lot of people play. With the leaks on Free Fire, of course this game is very busy because most gamers in Indonesia are small children for mobile games and free to play games.


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