New Weapon COD Mobile Season 6 Call Of Duty, Cool!

In early April, Activision finally decided on a permanent format regarding the new season that will be arriving at CODM. Previously there was no certainty regarding the upcoming new season, when it would start and end players could only speculate and seek information from leaks. But since season 5 started, Activision has finally determined that the season will take place every month. This time there is a new COD Mobile Season 6 weapon that you can try later.

Season 5, which will end on April 30, will immediately begin season 6. This is certainly good for players who want to schedule their rank to be better for rank up. But from the data that was entered, it seems that there were several leaks of existing weapons.

Even though season 5 has only been running for about a week since its release, Activision has brought quite a bit of fresh air and interesting content. With the new map, killstreak, and several weapons as well as characters who finally returned from another Call of Duty franchise.

And it’s no different from season 5, later in season 6 there will also be a lot of new content provided so that players don’t get bored playing the same content every month. Several leaks already exist regarding the upcoming season 6 later.

This data and leaks are obtained from many digistatments, if you don’t know what data mine is, this is the process when someone unpacks the game data and sees any changes happening inside.

Dregde COD Mobile

Season 5 takes on quite a theme futuristic, where there is a battle between machines and humans. Two new weapons launched for this season and theme are GKS and Man-o-War. In addition, there are also several weapons and skins that can be obtained from the free battle pass.

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While the most interesting thing comes from the results of mine season 6 data. Where there are lots of events and weapons to come. Some of the leaks for season 6 this time are weapons such as the KRM 262, Dredge, ICR Grenade Launcher, and 870 MCS.

Grenade Laucher

The leak comes from mine data, which means this is almost certain. Data mine is usually very accurate, even some developers often use pre-loading data, which means that sometimes even the results of mined data can find some content for the next few months or even years.

From this leak, Garena has confirmed a few on their official page. Of course, this data mine must be accepted gracefully whether it is true or just a fake.


First, there is a legendary skin for MSMC called Space Station. The favorite weapon of many people, this futuristic design has been present a few days ago. Garena ensures 100% of players can get this from the Lucky Draw.

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Next up is the S36. S36 which is the strongest LMG in this game is often used by many people because of its very high stats and its flexible usage. The S36 gets the must-have Heavy Duty skin.

870 MCS

Finally, there is an operator skill called the H20 Purifier. As the name implies, this weapon is a water based weapon. You can use this high water pressure weapon to hurt your opponent. Get it for free every top up promo in the game.

For the next season, there will certainly be lots of interesting leaks. Therefore, keep on monitoring my esports website to get interesting info too.


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