Pet Box Poring FF is here in Shop Free Fire 2020, Cheap!

Garena will provide a new update, so that players can play the Free Fire game without getting bored. Of course, in this way, Free Fire will become one of the most famous games in 2020 from now on. Even last month, Garena free fire received a pretty good notification and must be maintained. Where the Free Fire Game has reached total players, up to 60 million free fire players who logged in in just 1 day.

Not only that, this Free Fire Game has also succeeded in being ranked 3rd as the game with the most total viewers in the Android world. Of course, with this great achievement, Garena will continue to provide many interesting updates in the future.

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Even at the beginning of March, there are lots of interesting and good events that you shouldn’t miss. At that time, Garena has presented a new Pet called Poring free fire. If you wanted to get this Pet but you have, now might be the best chance to get it.

On this occasion we will provide the latest information on Shop updates in the Free Fire game.

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

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Pet Box Poring is available in the Free Fire Shop

After Box Jota and Jota’s weapon Skin, finally Box Pet Poring has also arrived in this Free Fire game. In fact, there are quite a lot of enthusiasts for this Pet, so it is not wrong if Garena presents the Pet in the Gacha Box.

In this box, you can get Poring by buying it. Almost the same as the Gacha System, where you will get random prizes later. You can just buy it, you can immediately bring Pet Poring into the match.

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In this box, there is also a Pet Poring Skin. So of course, you will get a variety of great opportunities when you open the Box later.

This box is priced at 20 Diamonds, so of course this Box has a fairly cheap price to get. Buy a lot, automatically your chances of getting Pet Poring will be even greater.

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Pet Poring Free Fire

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Poring is a pet that comes from the game Ragnarok, this is a Pet created because of Garena’s Collaboration with Gravity. You can get poring initially, by doing Gacha. Pet Poring Image free fire. But for now, the event is over and we only have to leave the Assassin Cross Spin.

This pet is quite popular in the Free Fire game, because it has sufficient OP capabilities. Pet Poring Free fire can repair damaged armor into a whole state again. Of course this way, you don’t need to be tired looking for Armor again when it’s broken.

Just stay silent for a moment, then automatically the Health of the Armor increases because of this Pet.

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So, those are some information about Pet Box Poring FF Present in the Free Fire 2020 Shop that we can convey on this occasion. How? Have you bought the Pet Box?

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