Plague Inc Players Increase Rapidly Due to Corona Virus!

Waba and the latest biological terror lately, yes that is the Coronavirus that is being discussed in the world. This time there is news that Plague Inc players are increasing rapidly because of the corona virus!

The Corona virus itself is a variant of the strain including influenza, originating from Wuhan, China, which has become a global pandemic fear, let alone viruses for which there is no further information.

This is a scourge of fear in itself. But from this commotion it actually reaps benefits for this one video game, yes we are talking about Plague Inc.

For those of you who are not familiar, Plague Inc is a game about us as players and have a duty to spread epidemics and diseases throughout the world. With your strategy of spreading, mutating and evolving your disease, it is hoped that the whole world will be infected and die as a result of your work.

Plague Inc Players Increase Rapidly Due to Corona Virus!

From one region to another, we can infect countries, continents and the world in various ways. This game has skyrocketed in popularity because of this Corona virus and is widely played by the Chinese and the world.

In China alone, the game’s sales have been number one on iOS lately. Even though it sounds like good news, Plague Inc developer, Ndemic Creation can be somewhat worried.

Simulation of the Spread of the Corona Virus?

Because this game is not an accurate simulation and cannot be the main basis for the theory of the spread of disease. Even though this game is aiming for accuracy, it still cannot be considered correct.

As a simulation game, Plague Inc cannot be considered a very accurate game, even though this game teaches the basics of disease mapping and how countries take preventive and isolation measures.

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According to Ndemic Creation, they hope that players don’t take the game seriously, and to get serious and accurate news from trusted sources.

Not only available on iOS, Plague Inc is also available for Android and PC called Plague Inc: Evolved. For those of you who are interested in this game, you can buy it at the virtual store available for your respective devices.


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