The Best Build Item for Hanabi in Mobile Legends, a Spoiled ML Hero with a Strong Teamfight

Hanabi is a marksman mobile legends role that is very weak when playing solo and 1v1 because of her very bad skills. But when the 5v5 teamfight comes, Hanabi can be entered as the best marksman because that’s where she shines. Hanabi benefits greatly in teamfight thanks to her S1 and ulti where the enemy is densely packed. This time we will discuss the Best Build Item for Hanabi in Mobile Legends that you can use to make Hanabi even sicker

Played with other teamfight heroes such as Carmilla, Atlas, or Grock, Hanabi will become a monster with the highest DPS. You can even kill 5 enemy heroes very easily.

Hanabi’s weakness is very fatal, as a marksman she doesn’t have dash, escape, or 1v1 skills that make her lose against other marksman at the highest level. But the real strength is in teamfight.

Here we will provide the best Hanabi build items to play on teamfight Mobile Legends. Very strong paired with a tanker or support hero, Hanabi will be even more deadly during the game.

The Best Build Item for Hanabi in Mobile Legends


Hanabi is a hero who depends on ASPD, this is normal because he is a marksman. With Swift, the additional ASPD of this shoe will have a huge effect, especially in the late game when other items have started to form.


The ASPD and crit rate of this item will certainly help Hanabi in giving high damage later. Apart from that the passive from the Windtalker stack with his S1 which when teamfight and also clears creep waves, Hanabi will be stronger and more deadly later. This item is a core item for Hanabi.


This item is a very high ASPD item in Mobile Legends. Besides that, Scarlet’s passivity is very useful because later Hanabi will often give crit damage. The high ASPD will continue to issue his S1 which continues to bounce in teamfight and is very dangerous.


Already bought both crit chance items, now is the time to increase Hanabi’s critical. Berserker will be very useful because the two previous items have consistently provided crit, especially Hanabi’s ASPD which is already very high. Berserker will be very strong in the late game and can provide continuous criticality to enemies in team fight.


Hanabi is a hero who relies heavily on shields and lifesteal to maximize her passivity, besides that Hanabi, who is very weak, is exposed to sudden bursts, especially from assassins and mages, will greatly benefit from this item. Actually this fifth item is quite flexible because Hanabi can buy Immortality, Wings of the Apocalypse Queen, or Haas Blade.


Hanabi’s last item can buy Despair for additional damage items. This item has the highest damage and is also passive which stack with passive Hanabi. He can hit the enemy’s front hero and kill the back line very easily with this full item build.

That’s Hanabis’s best build item in Mobile Legends which focuses on ASPD and also crit in team fight. Hanabis, who is weak 1v1 or easily kidnapped, must continue to be accompanied.