The Best SMG P90 and MP40 for Free Fire, Which FF Weapon is Better?

SMG in Free Fire has lots of options that you can use. Starting from the UMP which is suitable for use by beginners, the stable MP5, and now we will talk about the SMG P90 and the Best MP40 for Free Fire.

The P90 itself is a weapon that is quite superior at close and medium ranges because it has a scope attachments and also a very high number of bullets. This makes the P90 a suitable SMG in all situations.

The MP40 is the SMG with the highest DPS in games. Has the same damage as P90, MP40 has the highest RoF in the game making it the sickest SMG in Free Fire. Unfortunately it can only hold a few bullets and cannot use attachments other than the magazine making it difficult to use.

Here we will compare the two weapons. The bullets are many and versatile and SMGs hurt in Free Fire. Which weapon is better to use, let’s look down.


The P90 is a very strong SMG thanks to its large number of bullets, this SMG also has magazine attachments and scopes that you can use at will. The strength of the P90 from other SMGs is that the P90 is strong enough to use at medium ranges thanks to the scope and lots of bullets.

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The P90 is also very strong at close range because it can issue a lot of bullets without having to reload very quickly. No kidding, the P90 is filled with 50 bullets which you can spam at close range. This makes the P90 quite powerful over a wide range of distances.

With a stat of 48 damage and 75 RoF, the P90’s DPS is actually not that bad, but because the range is not as far as the MP5 or UMP, the P90 is indeed more suitable for use at close and medium ranges.


The MP40 is often said to be the best SMG and it’s not without reason. With very high damage and RoF, MP40 is the SMG that has the highest DPS in the game. The MP40 unfortunately can only use magazine attachments which makes it less flexible.

Because it has a small number of magazines, the MP40 cannot play for long because you will spend bullets for frequent reloading. But with high DPS at least if you play 1v1 you will have a higher chance than P90.

The small distance is also a consideration. This makes the MP40 only suitable for use at close range, unlike the P90 which can use a scope to play some distance away.


Both of these weapons are powerful SMGs. From the stats and attachments alone we can see that the MP40 is favored at close range and fights fewer enemies. With a very high DPS you can kill enemies faster.

The P90 has a slightly higher range and can use a scope to play at medium range. In addition, the 50 bullets of this weapon are interesting when fighting many enemies at once.

That is the comparison of the two very strong SMG weapons in Free Fire. These two weapons have their respective advantages that you can take advantage of starting from the situation and also the stats.