Tips For Playing Silvanna Mobile Legends (ML)

Silvanna is a mobile legends fighter mage hero role who has a very strong lockdown and burst from his skill set. Silvanna can be used in sidelane and some builds even make it a jungler for mobile legends because it can clean creeps quickly. This time there are tips and ways to use Silvanna Mobile Legends that you can try.

The thing that makes him very strong is that Silvanna has an ulti that can lock the hero very strongly. Even his ulti can lock in many heroes who have high mobility, forcing them to fight Silvanna.

Besides that, he has a very high lifesteal and can easily win 1v1 as long as he doesn’t get CC. As a magic fighter, Silvanna will certainly be very deadly because it has a high burst. Thanks for her skillset, Silvanna can use it in the laning phase.


Silvanna has strong poke skills at S1 and burst DPS in his S2. In addition, his S1 will get additional charges if it hits the enemy, if hit by the enemy, his S1 can be reused and change from poke to escape / chasing skill. With a stun from S1, the Silvanna S2 can be used comfortably and provides bursts that don’t play.


Silvanna has a very strong passive and also has a high compatibility with her skillset. how to use Silvanna’s Passive skill will provide a stack to the enemy every time his skill hits the enemy. Therefore S1 -> S1 -> S2 is very painful because it can fill the stack quickly.

Every time Silvanna’s stack is full of enemy heroes, the marked enemy will receive very high extra damage from Silvanna, her S2 even if it hits all of her attacks it can completely fill the stack.


The very strong thing about Silvanna Mobile Legends is his ulti. His ulti will make Silvanna jump and land on the target, the enemy in the middle of the area will be hit by a chain and will be bound until the duration is over. This lockdown is very strong against squishy and high mobility heroes like Fanny and also other assassins or marksman. In addition, Silvanna will create a small area in the ulti area. This area will provide a buff that has no effect. Silvanna will get an increase in ASPD and lifesteal by 100%.


ASPD is the key to victory from Silvanna Mobile Legends, apart from lifesteal, of course. The greater the ASPD, eating S2 Silvanna will provide additional damage. A high ASPD will increase the rotation of S2 and make the stack fill up faster.

Therefore Silvanna will greatly benefit from her ulti which can provide 100% ASPD. Together with the ASPD of item builds, Silvanna can kill enemies very quickly.


Silvanna’s ulti, which provides lifesteal and ASPD, is not only useful for heroes. He can jump to objectives such as turtles, lords, and even towers that are pushed to give a very high ASPD. This is to increase his DPS when attacking objectives.

Those are some tips and how to use Silvanna in Mobile Legends. You can use this one hero without difficulty because this hero is very strong in various situations. Don’t forget to keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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