Troubled League Of Legends Server, Rank Match Players Cannot Play

With an appeal social distancing and also the local quarantine run by many countries, video games are certainly the most appropriate escape in the midst of this outbreak.

One of them is League of Legends, this very popular moba game is also a game that many people play today.

Due to Server Overload

Unfortunately, players have to be patient. This game made by Riot also experienced server problems during this outbreak, most likely because of the server overload.

Based on the official Riot Support account, they have now closed the Ranked mode due to this server problem. This feature is indeed a problem because their servers are malfunctioning and also many players cannot log in. Besides that, network traffic and bandwidth are the main reasons.

We are aware of a problem while trying to log in and run the game. Our team is currently investigating and trying to fix this problem.

From many reports, for LoL players on North American servers, a lot of players can’t log in and get error messages. Even though they can log in, players cannot search for the game because there is a problem with the lobby.

For the European region there is a lot of packet loss and bad connections to the server. Some people also can’t log in because of the exploding traffic. This situation is actually reasonable and acceptable because the traffic is high when the quarantine is very massive.

In the midst of this pandemic, video games are indeed the most appropriate entertainment because besides being able to play games, players can also communicate and socialize with each other. Not only LoL, when the outbreak first appeared in China during the Chinese New Year, Tencent’s servers were down for almost two days due to the large number of players.

Tencent’s servers were down because video game players in China surged by 1000%, especially in PUBG and Honor Of Kings (AoV) games. Even when their servers are down, Tencent has to upgrade their servers and also urges players to rest because of the large amount of traffic coming into the server.


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