Weapon AUG FF Becomes the Fastest AR in Free Fire?

Fastest Assault Rifle in Free Fire which has just been tested now, by several players who have successfully entered the Advanced Server ff. Of course this will create a meta battle, so it changes again because we will all have weapons that are quite deadly. Make sure all of you who like Assault Rifle, don’t forget to try this weapon later.

For now, weapons are the mainstay of many players, because they can help us defeat the enemy. The Assault Rifle is currently overpowering, there are already so many combinations of Assault Rifle Free Fire weapons. The rate of fire of this type of weapon is still in the possession of XM8 but in the end it has lost to the new competitiveness.

The AUG FF Weapon Becomes the Fastest AR in Free Fire

The AUG Free Fire weapon is an Assault Rifle type in the Free Fire game, there are indeed many and we can use them all. Of course, the performance given from this weapon also varies in function. Especially for this new weapon that is already present on the Advanced Server, it turns out that it has been tried by one of the famous YouTubers named Rendy Rangers.

Surely you also know, this new weapon called AUG. You can see that the Assault Rifle is an ordinary free fire weapon, but if it is used, you can easily defeat the enemy. The abilities given by this weapon are also quite good and certainly very deadly. Especially for damage and firing speed, AUG is a mainstay for winning.

Fastest Free Fire Assault!

The ability provided by this weapon, is indeed good and must be very deadly. The damage given by Aug too, can be said to be quite helpful for us in killing enemies. You will see the damage from the body to the head, of course with this weapon we can make it even easier to win later.

The body damage is 31 Point Damage and the headshot Damage is 170 Point Damage. Of course, with this large total damage, we will also be able to compete more easily later. Especially in terms of firing speed, it turns out that this AUG has a high speed. Where it is, it is proven that this weapon is the king of AR.

Even Rendy Rangers gave more information, if he also compared the speed of this weapon to the XM8. If you want to know that XM8 is the fastest Assault Rifle, in the current Free Fire game. But when tested by him, it turned out that the XM8 was defeated by this AUG weapon.

Surely those of you who like to use the Assault Rifle, don’t forget to try this weapon later. Because AUG is also one of the most lethal weapons, which has been proven once on advanced servers today. That way, those of you who are waiting for this weapon to appear on the Original Server, when it appears, don’t forget to look for it later.

When you compete in this Free Fire game, weapons are one of the main factors that help us win. Without weapons you can win too, but unfortunately this is quite a difficult thing. So the presence of this new weapon too, will make our victory in the Free Fire game even easier later.

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