Why Does ML Credit Score Not Increase in Mobile Legends?

Mobile Legends is a MOBA game that is currently being played a lot, has a very exciting gameplay and has various unique things in it, now one of them is the Credit score system which often has problems not rising in Mobile Legends.

Credit Score ML is one of the systems which is a rating of your behavior in Mobile Legends so you can keep playing in ranked mode (the limit for playing in ranked mode in numbers 90-99). which if it has a small value, it will reduce exp income, gold and cannot enter ranked mode in Mobile Legends.

Causes of ML Credit Score Not Increasing in Mobile Legends

The reason for this credit score is that you don’t get on mobile legends. What are the causes, you can see it below:

  1. Still often do afk
  2. Harsh or toxic
  3. On another report player

This has been summarized by esportsku so that you can read it more easily. This should be avoided, so that you can increase your credit score.

The reason the Credit Score drops itself is when you behave badly in the Mobile Legends game, whether intentionally or unintentionally when playing in Mobile Legends. Now in the latest update, Moonton provides new rules regarding Credit Score in Mobile Legends. Then why doesn’t ML Credit Score increase in Mobile Legends?

There are several reasons why the Credit Score doesn’t go up in Mobile Legends, which will explain in our review this time.

Still Often Doing AFK

AFK is one of the causes that can reduce your Credit Score in Mobile Legends. AFK’s behavior itself is one of the things that is hated by other players and also Moonton, so Moonton gives penalties for players who AFK the game.

To increase Credit Score, of course, you have to avoid AFK behavior in Mobile Legends, which behavior is very unsettling for players in Mobile Legends. AFK is one of the things that can make the game unbalanced and one of the teams will definitely lose.

Saying Harsh or Toxic

Not only AFK, recently Moonton also gave new rules where when you behave badly like saying rude or toxic, Moonton will detect every chat given by players which will make it difficult for your Credit Score to go up in Mobile Legends. .

Not only that, saying that you are toxic will also provoke the anger of other people who will make your gameplay in Mobile Legends even more disturbed, because as soon as possible, you can avoid being toxic in Mobile Legends.


In Other Player Reports

The reason the Credit Score didn’t go up last was because it was reported by other players when you played badly in Mobile Legends. Usually we also quite often report to toxic, afk, feeding and other players right? Now the same is true if you do that.

Therefore avoid afk, feeding, playing badly to avoid reports from other players so that you get Credit Score in Mobile Legends.

Now that’s the reason why your Credit Score score doesn’t go up in Mobile Legends, which happens because of your own behavior in Mobile Legends. Don’t forget to follow our official Instagram at Esportsku (@ esportss.ku) and keep visiting our website for the latest information about the Mobile Legends game. Stay Tune!