12 Most Cheating ML Skill Heroes in Mobile Legends, So OP!

Mobile Legends has many heroes that are very diverse in it. With the many heroes available, of course, the players are far from bored. Heroes in Mobile Legends have different characteristics in each of their roles. One of them is the mobile legends cheat skill hero like the following ML cheat!

You can use a hero according to the situation and conditions that are suitable to counter your opponent’s hero. But you have to know that there are 8 Cheating Hero skills in Mobile Legends which are commonly referred to as boy heroes.

On this occasion we will provide an explanation of 8 Cheating Skill Heroes in Mobile Legends. For those of you who are curious and want to know which heroes have fraudulent skills in Mobile Legends, let’s just look at the full explanation below!

List of heroes with the most cheating skills in Mobile Legends

Times the row of Mobile Legends heroes who have the most fraudulent skill abilities in the Mobile Legends game. Starting from the damage which is very OP to the crowd control skill that is most hated by other players when fighting it. So here’s the list.


Aldous is a hero who has fraudulent skills in Mobile Legends where he can find out all the positions of his opponents on the Mini Map when his ultimate skill is used. Aldous can also easily lock his opponent. In addition, if the Aldous hero stack has been collected enough, it can be used to kill his opponent with just one or two hits.

Kaja is a Cheating Skill Hero in Mobile Legends

Kaja is a hero who is known to be very troublesome because his Ultimate skill in Mobile Legends can be used to attract his enemies easily. Kaja can also lock easily to his enemies. This hero is a hero that can be used to count all heroes in Mobile Legends through his ultimate skill.



Natalia has skills that can also be said to be cheating in Mobile Legends. Natalia has the ability to disappear and of course it is very troublesome. Natalia can secretly target the core hero of the opposing team and kill her with her combo skills. In addition, with her silencenya skills, Natalia can make the enemy unable to move at all, so that Natalia is quite often banned, especially in season 17 at this time.


Argus is a hero in Mobile Legends who can certainly be said to have fraudulent skills. Argus’s ultimate skill makes him change into immune mode from all damage for a few seconds. Aldous with his ultimate skill is certainly very annoying and at the same time terrible, namely immune from all enemy attacks and when attacked can give him a lot of HP. Argus is also the hero with the best initiation in Mobile Legends.


Helcurt is a hero assassin in Mobile Legends who also seems to have fraudulent skills because it can darken the atmosphere in battle. In addition, the damage generated from this attack is very large so that it can easily be used to kill its enemies. Even with his silent ability, Helcrut cannot be attacked by anyone. He is also a hero to counter the best fanny in Mobile Legends.


Hanzo has a shadow skill which can certainly be said to be a cheating skill. He can attack enemies far ahead of him without the hassle of chasing and even if the shadow dies, Hanzo himself is safe from a distance. Besides that, he also has the skills to eat jungle monsters easily. This can be used to steal enemy buffs quickly and easily.


Valir has skill one which has almost no cooldown when it continuously hits its target. In addition, Valir also has two skills that can make him push enemies easily. Valir can be said to be a hero who has fraudulent skills in Mobile Legends.


Faramis is one of the support heroes who also has fraudulent skills in ML. Faramis’ ultimate skill can revive his teammates when he is in his altar area. The ghost of a teammate who is resurrected through ultimate Faramis can give quite painful damage.

Vexana As Hero Skill Cheat Mobile Legends

Just like Faramis, Vexana is a mage hero in Mobile Legends who has terrifying skills in Mobile Legends. Besides the crowd control which is very annoying. This one hero can also revive a dead hero. Yap Faramis and Vexana are undead heroes in Mobile Legends. They are both paired up and both cheat.


Next there is the hero Ling who is a hero assassin in Mobile Legends. Even this hero is more cheating than anyone. However, Ling is able to roam very fast even faster than fanny. Besides that, Ling’s farming ability is also very good so that he is able to level up faster than the others. Ling is currently the most underhanded hero.

Fanny as ML Cheating Skill Hero

Although fanny is very difficult to play, Fanny has the most fraudulent skills in Mobile Legends. This fraudulent skill can make him fly in all maps in Mobile Legend very quickly. Just like Ling, Fanny is also the hero with the fastest roaming skills in Mobile Legends.


How come Lesley was included in the cheating skill in Mobile Legends? If you use Lesley’s first skill and give her immune and movement speed, you can definitely notice it. Lesley has an invisible skill which makes her unable to be attacked by other heroes. Besides that, other effects that can provide additional damage also add to Lesley’s cheating!

Now that’s an explanation of the Mobile Legends hero who has fraudulent skills. Hopefully this is useful and can be a good reference source for all of you. Are you one of the hero users above?

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