3 Characters and Andy with PUBG Mobile Evoground Skills! Who is Andy?

At first, it only focused on gameplay and a fun game system, all players looked the same because the appearance was in accordance with the template from PUBG Mobile. Well, this time there are 3 characters and Andy with PUBG Mobile Evoground Skills that you should know.

As we know, from year to year PUBG Mobile continues to update and add various new things that can be enjoyed by all players and add to the excitement when playing this game.

Starting from clothing skins, weapon skins, vehicle skins, weapon skins that can be upgraded, vehicle skins can now also be upgraded, you know! And the last is a small ornament that adorns the bag like a key chain.

But not only adorns your character, PUBG Mobile, which initially only provided a few faces of women and men that can be chosen for free, now PUBG Mobile already has characters that certainly have their own uniqueness.

Who are the 4 characters? Then what is the advantage of each character? Check out the explanation below!

Who is Andy in PUBG Mobile 2020?



Victor is a character drawn by a man who likes SMG weapons. So, it is certain that Victor’s skill has something to do with SMG weapons in Evoground, which is less reloading time when using SMG weapons in Evoground mode.

You can upgrade this skill from Victor, so you get a skin, emote, and MVP Showcase that you can use while playing in any mode.

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This beautiful character is said to be similar to Gal Gadot, coupled with her passion for cars, making Sara’s character really look like Gal Gadot when she played the Fast & Furious film. The voice of Sara’s character also sounds very similar to Gal Gadot’s, wow is this a coincidence or not, huh?

If Sara brings any vehicle in Evoground mode, the damage from the enemy when shooting at her vehicle will decrease, so there is no need to be afraid if your vehicle is driven by a player who uses Sara’s character.

Just like Victor, Sara can be upgraded to get skins, emotes, and MVP Showcase.

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If you look at Carlo, he is the most handsome character when compared to Victor, but it turns out that his good looks diminish when he finds out that buying this character requires a lot of money.

Behind it all, Carlo has an interesting special skill, that is, players will have their damage reduced when they fall while using this character. Just like the two previous characters, Carlo can be upgraded!

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Andy (Season 13)


Well, for a character who this time is still a topic of conversation by many PUBG Mobile players, because reportedly in Season 13 PUBG Mobile will present a new character named Andy.

There is no definite news about the complete details of Andy, but what is certain is that Andy has weapons-related skills and is a former magician. Geez, what do you think? Let’s wait for how Andy will be in Season 13!

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Based on the explanation above, which character do you like the most? Are you looking forward to Andy’s presence? Thank you for listening!

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