3 New Features of Free Fire (FF) OB July 23, 2020

Garena has just presented the latest update to the Free Fire Advanced Server. In its latest update, Garena presents various new features for the OB23 update which will be present on Free Fire (FF) in July 2020.

Starting from the latest characters, new maps, and new FF features are ready to be added to the Original Server in the next update. Of course this is good news, especially for those of you who are Indonesian Free Fire players.

It seems that at OB23 this time, we will get many new features that will come to Free Fire. Later there will be new characters, new pets, and even new locations on the Bermuda map. If you are curious about the new update, you can follow OB23 this time with cool new features.

In total, there are about 3 new features of the OB23 update that will be presented in the FF game. Starting from the Stream feature, the new Profile View, and better graphic options. So for those of you who love the Free Fire game, are you curious about what features will explain in this update?

3 July 2020 Free Fire (FF) Feature Update

Well, this time we discuss in full about the upcoming FF features. The following are the new free fire features presented in the OB23 FF July 2020 update

Graphic High Resolution Settings

First, there will be a new feature that allows you to play the Free Fire game with higher graphics when you see the FF settings.

This feature is called High Resolution, which provides two setting options, namely normal and high graphics. Of course, you already understand very well the presence of this update so that you are more comfortable playing Free Fire.

Especially for mid-end smartphones this year it is relatively cheap and easy to get so you can use high resolution features comfortably.

Even though on paper the Free Fire game has lower graphics than other Battle Royale games. However, this latest feature allows you to play with maximum graphics in Free Fire.

New Features Free Fire Profile Display Changes

Not only adding features in terms of graphics, you are also presented with a new User Interface in the profile display section of the Free Fire game.

There is something new, which is showing two new rank modes, including the Ranked Mode and the Class Squad. You can get this new FF feature later after the OB23 FF update

New FF Stream Features

The last new FF feature is the Stream Feature where you can steam the Free Fire game very easily in OB23 FF.

You can find the newest FF feature on the right of the Free Fire Lobby. Well, this is a function that is quite the same as the FF Live Stream feature that already existed in the Mobile Legends game.

With this Free Fire Feature Update, you can Live Stream or just watch other Live Stream players. You can also follow the player.

Not only that, you can watch various tournaments in the Free Free game in-game. Which means, you can watch tournaments in the Free Fire game only. Of course, this one feature is very useful for those of you Free Fire players, who want to become content creators.

The various features presented by Garena are indeed the new FF features most awaited by Free Fire players, and of course you will be even more spoiled by the array of features above. Not only that, maybe later the Map in Free Fire will get changes to the map. In fact, there are still many features such as Meteors and new locations that will be present on the Bermuda map. All of this will be present in the OB23 FF Update, and will come as an update in July

The third update of the new FF features above will be presented together with the OB23 FF update that we discussed earlier, for those of you who are curious about additional feature updates, other latest in the OB23 update you can read here.

So what do you think about the Free Fire feature that will be available in July 2020? Don’t forget to give your comments and don’t forget to follow Esportsku (@ esportss.ku)! Greetings, Booyah!