FF Accurate Locations to Find RGS50 Free Fire 2020 Weapons

For now, the Free Fire game has been presented with many of the latest updates which are quite interesting. All of these things were presented in a special way by Garena. In the Free Fire game alone, there are already many Free Fire Characters who are quite good. In the future, this game will be made even more interesting.

So that all of you, will never be bored when playing this game. Just yesterday, 7 May 2020, we have the latest maintenance in this game. There are several reasons the Free Fire Game Needs Maintenance now, so that this game is also better than before.

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Garena will continue to maintain the Free Fire game, so that players will not be easily disappointed. Just yesterday the game, having problems typing login. But finally, the Free Fire Game Servers have been normal for now. So you guys, won’t have that problem again.

If you compete in a match, of course you have to use weapons. Every weapon that is present in this game also has various types and different types. You can try these weapons, for example, try the RGS50 weapon.

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This weapon has a launcher type in the Free Fire game, so every shot will cause an explosion. The damage from these weapons is greater, even if it’s just one shot. Every player, definitely wants to find this weapon in the match.

On this occasion we will provide information about the most accurate location of the RGS50 weapon.

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

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RGS50 Free Fire Weapon Accurate Location

  1. Plantation

First, you can check the location of Plantation, because in this location the Launcher name is always there. Many players too, where they managed to find the RGS50 weapon in this location. So if you want to try that weapon, you have to get off or reach this location.

But RGS50 doesn’t always exist, usually there are other launcher weapons that you might be able to use. But don’t give up, to look for the RGS50.

  1. Outpost

Next is Outpost, this location is quite strategic and has many houses. Apart from that, if you get off at this place in one of the houses there is an RGS50 weapon. Of course by finding this weapon, you must immediately take it.

Because, RGS50 is the deadliest Launcher weapon in this Free Fire game. You can, too, try some Pro Tips for Using RGS50 Free Fire right now.

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  1. Clock Tower

The next location is at the Clock Tower, this place is indeed quite crowded to be visited. So, later on, you have to be able to reach this place and immediately look for spare weapons first. The problem is that you guys later have to really take care of yourself in this area.

If you feel safe, check the 2nd floor of every house in that location. Because in that place, many players have managed to find RGS50 Free Fire today

  1. Peak

Lastly is Peak, this location is very close to the middle of the Bermuda map. So it’s natural, if this location is busy being visited besides the Clock Tower Free Fire. If you get off at this place and it’s still quiet, just go straight into the building on the Peak.

Usually, the RGS50 weapon will be available in the building, and later you can use it. This weapon is also one of the best ways to destroy Free Fire. So naturally, if this one weapon is quite deadly.

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So, those are some of the information that we can convey on this occasion. How? besides that there is also some information about How to Fight Player Launcher in the match. In this way, you will not be easily defeated later.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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