6 Favorite Heroes of Baim Wong in Mobile Legends (ML)

Baim Wong is an artist in Indonesia who also plays Mobile Legends to fill his spare time. Baim Wong himself always plays with the ax gang party or GPX. There are several of Baim Wong’s favorite heroes in Mobile Legends that he always uses in gameplay.

Playing Mobile Legends is indeed the right choice to fill your spare time. Especially if you play it with your friends or party, of course it will be even more exciting. You need to know that Baim Wong usually plays as a fighter in a gameplay. But often he also plays as a tanker or support in Mobile Legends.

On this occasion, Esportsku will discuss the favorite hero of Baim Wong in Mobile Legends. Now for those of you who are curious and want to know what heroes are Baim Wong’s mainstay and favorites, let’s just look at the full explanation below!

Esportsku has made a list of favorite heroes who are also Baim Wong’s mainstay when playing Mobile Legends. You can read the list of heroes themselves and read them below!

  • Johnson
  • Natalia
  • Lancelot
  • Balmond
  • Ruby
  • Chang’e

So, those are the heroes that Baim Wong often uses when playing Mobile Legends. For a detailed explanation of each of the heroes above, you can see below!


6 Favorite Heroes of Baim Wong in Mobile Legends (ML)

Johnson is one of Baim Wong’s most favorite tank heroes when playing Mobile Legends. He can play very well even making his Johnson into the Global top. His Johnson is cool and he can maximize Johnson’s ultimate skill well too.


6 Favorite Heroes of Baim Wong in Mobile Legends (ML)

Natalia is a hero assassin who is also often used by Baim Wong in Mobile Legends. She can maximize the passive skills possessed by Natalia well and can target her enemies easily. The damage generated from Natalia’s attack was quite large.


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Lancelot is one of the assassin burst damage heroes in Mobile Legends who also has good agility. Baim Wong makes Lancelot one of his favorite heroes. When playing Lancelot Baim looks cool and can maximize every existing skill well.


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Balmond is the choice of offlaner heroes favored by Baim Wong when playing Mobile Legend. Balmond’s level of durability is quite high and has true damage from his ultimate skill. His passive skill also makes it difficult to kill because he gets a HP regen.


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Ruby is one of the fighter tank heroes who has a fairly high lifesteal ability. Ruby is also often played by Baim Wong as an offlaner hero. The performance of the gameplay itself is also very good and he is strong in holding the lane so that it cannot be pushed by the enemy easily.


The hero support mage who is Baim Wong’s choice as well as his mainstay and favorite hero is Chang’e. Chang’e has a large burst damage. In addition, this hero can also be used to clear the lane quickly thanks to his ultimate skill.

So that’s an explanation of the favorite Hero Baim Wong Mobile Legend that I have discussed in Esports. Is one of the heroes above also a favorite hero that you often play in Mobile Legends?