5 Very Strong 1v1 ML Heroes in Mobile Legends, Fight to the Death!

Heroes in Mobile Legends, especially hardlane fighters, have the capability of 1v1, especially sustain heroes who still have high damage. These heroes also sometimes have high lifesteal although CC and knockup are also very important.

Although it rarely happens, sometimes the power to 1v1 is very important in the hardlane when there is rarely help and heroes are forced to play independently to make it difficult for their opponents. Often filled with fighter heroes, it doesn’t mean that without reason these heroes are strong in 1v1. They can play effectively dealing damage and still have the advantage.

Here we will provide the 5 strongest heroes who have the advantage of 1v1 in Mobile Legends. These heroes have the advantage of fighting continuously without stopping and can win very important lanes.

If you are impatient, you can keep looking down on the strongest hero in Mobile Legends for 1v1.


You could say Dyrroth is the strongest fighter right now when it is 1v1 because he has good sustain without sacrificing a lot of damage. He is able to compete against anyone in the hardlane unless the user doesn’t know how to effectively use Dyrroth. He was able to fight with anyone and came out as the winner.


Alucard has a very good advantage when it is 1v1 thanks to his passive which gives bonus damage. In addition, Alucard also has a very strong selfbuff and makes no sense in his ulti. Alucard can activate his ulti to reverse the situation and Alucard, who has the skill to stick with enemy heroes, makes him very terrible.


Badang is a very strong fighter hero in 1v1 thanks to his skillset. Badang is a deadly duelist because this combo of heroes can kill enemies very easily before they can even fight back. The weakness of Badang is that if the enemy doesn’t die with his combo, sometimes Badang will have trouble later.


Silvann is a very strong 1v1 fighter with one condition, he must start the fight and not the other way around. Silvanna is a hero who has the strongest lockdown because he has a deadly ulti. All of his skills and passives have a very strong synergy and when Silvanna turns on the ulti, the smart enemy must run away.


Freya is a very deadly hero if given the advantage of gold and items. With his skill Freya can provide a very deadly combo and his selfbuff + passive can provide the highest DPS in the game. Freya is also very difficult to kill because Freya has a shield that is very difficult to break making it very strong 1v1.

Those are 5 heroes who are very strong in doing 1v1 in Mobile Legends either in the early or late game. These heroes are also very strong in team fight, not only 1v1 because they have high sustain and reliable DPS.

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