7 HD Gaming PCs That Have Stunning Graphics in 2020

The advantage of a PC as a console for playing games is of course because a PC can play heavy games without problems if you have high and strong PC specifications. There are so many choices of games that you can play, ranging from light games to very heavy ones and it is difficult to get a stable high FPS when played.

By playing the games below you have to prepare with your high spec PC because these games are very demanding in terms of specs. Even some of these games require a high graphics card. This is worth it because these games have beautiful graphics and spoil the eye.

Here we will provide 7 HD PC games that can provide the best graphics for your eyes and of course high specs are needed. So prepare your PC or tube to upgrade because you will be satisfied with these games.


Metro Exodus is the final installment of the Metro game. This game has very good graphics and is certainly very heavy. Even better, this game supports Ray Tracing from NVidia RTX.

The best of all things considered, this article was originally published in Indonesian language.

Unfortunately this game is not optimized for low settings and it’s better if you go straight to the medium or high settings using high specs


Deus Ex is a game that was high on the graphics standard when it first came out. Requires very high specs even 6 GB of your VGA memory is very high. Graphics that are not just HD are even more so this game will be very heavy and definitely worth it.


Of all the Hitman series, Hitman 2 is the most beautiful and mesmerizing game. But you also have to have a stunning PC because Hitman 2 will be very heavy on your PC. The reason is because there are lots of high quality images, textures, filters, and more.


You must have heard of the fifth series of Far Cry games because when they first came out, not so many public PCs could run them smoothly and with high settings. The reason this game is tough is because FC5 uses the CryTek Dunia Engine which is also used by Kingdom Come.


Using the same engine as the FC5, KC: D uses the CryTek Dunia Engine which requires high specs because it is very detailed. This game is heavy because it has a lot of flora which will burden the performance of your machine.


Project CARS 2 is the best motorsport game today, some people even dare to say that this game is better than Forza. Not only the high specs, you also need more than 50 GB to install this game only.


Lara Croft is back to being a traveler in this last game and definitely a more beautiful world. Very heavy and demanding because there are so many details in this game that require high specs.

Those are 7 HD PC games that you can play and are sure to drain your PC’s strength. Prepare high specs when playing these games because to get the best performance with high settings you have to be willing to use PC parts which are certainly not cheap.