5 Reasons Vale Becomes the Most Supported Meta Season 18 Mobile Legends (ML)

Vale is one of the support heroes who is currently the latest meta in Mobile Legends. After previously dominating Valir, now it’s Vale’s turn to show off to be the most meta Support hero in season 18 of Mobile Legends.

This hero mage is indeed a meta in the MPL ID Season 6 tournament and is often used as support. One of the players who often use Vale is Udil. By using Vale, Udil provides a combo skill that is difficult for the enemy to fight. There is a reason why Vale is the most meta hero in season 18 of Mobile Legends. What are the reasons?

On this occasion, Esportsku will give you the reasons why Vale is the most meta hero in Season 18 of Mobile Legends. For those of you Vale users on Mobile Legends. Surely you understand that this one hero is very OP this time.

Reasons for Vale Support Most Meta Season 18 Mobile Legends

As a mage hero who is actively played as support, Vale has various advantages that make this one hero the most meta support hero in Season 18 of Mobile Legends. The reasons are as follows.

Getting Buff on the Latest Update

In the latest Mobile Legends update, Moonton gave a very significant buff to Vale’s hero, the buff was almost 2x of Vale’s previous abilities, starting from the slow effect that was increased to base damage which was only 960 – 1440 to 1200 – 1800. Of course this is a The highest buff given to Vale.

Crowd Control and High Burst Damage

Vale is a mage who has high Crowd Control and Burst damage in Mobile Legends. Vale can overwhelm your opponent and is accompanied by a very high burst of damage. With only his combo skills, Vale is able to make one opposing team lose instantly.

Easy To Play

To play the Vale hero is very easy. This one hero does not require you to master special skills in playing it. You only need to issue combo skills that are not that complicated, but can have a very large attack effect.

Suitable For Teamfight

Vale is perfect for teamfight in a gameplay in Mobile Legends. That’s why this one hero is used as support because he can always be present in every team fight. Vale’s attack combos can provide high dealer damage from other mage heroes.

Deadly Combo Skill

You can start with Combos Skill Vale with skill 2 + Ultimate + Skill 1. With this combo it can knock your opponent up, suppressed, and give high burst damage. With a complete build, anyone who is hit by Vale’s combo attack is safe.

So, those are some reasons why Vale is the most meta support hero in season 18 of Mobile Legends. Hopefully the reviews above can be useful especially for those of you who are Vale users in Mobile Legends.