Causes of Hot Smartphone When Playing Call Of Duty Mobile

Nowadays, Smartphones have become one of the primary needs. There are already many people who say this because indeed Smartphones are often used in daily activities. Then, what are the causes of hot smartphones when playing Call of Duty Mobile?

Even though it is like that, there are also many of these Smartphone users who actually do not really understand the condition of the Smartphone and there are also many questions that are often asked by users about their Smartphone.

One of the questions that has many askers is “Why Does This Smartphone Get Hot Quickly?”.

If the heat in these electronic devices is a natural thing. Since heat is one of the forms of energy that has been released and is a consequence of the energy supplied by the battery in order to turn on the device, this also applies to smartphones.

However, you also have to be smart in handling problems like this related to the heat of your Smartphone. Most likely the Smartphone is hot when playing Call Of Duty Mobile that exceeds the reasonable limit are some of the symptoms of damage to your Smartphone.

In the following, we have several reasons for the Smartphone heating up quickly, so pay close attention so that you can handle it easily later.

Causes of Hot Smartphone When Playing Games

  1. Settings that are not optimal

Every now and then you try to check on your Smartphone, whether the existing settings on your Smartphone are optimal or not. Likely also, the setting that makes your Smartphone heat up quickly.

For example, such as a brightness level that is too bright, using a live wallpaper that wastes battery, widgets are too long and others.

  1. The battery is no longer good

If the smartphone that you have used for a long time in the yearly term, then the performance generated from that Smartphone will also decrease. If you have a type of smartphone that can remove the battery, you should replace it with a new battery.

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Smartphone batteries from this latest release have a built-in battery system, so they cannot be replaced. But you don’t need to worry, because the battery in the new Smartphone has a long lasting power.

  1. When playing Call of Duty Mobile and viewing streaming is too longCauses of Hot Smartphone When Playing Call Of Duty Mobile

One of the other causes that can make your Smartphone heat up quickly is playing games for a long time and watching streaming for a long time.

Heavy games like Mobile Legends, PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile make the performance of your Smartphone’s GPU have to work hard.

This is also the same as viewing Streaming, the Streaming application will make your Smartphone heat up quickly if used for a long time.

Playing online games and viewing streaming requires an internet connection, it also requires a lot of power.

Ideally, just play games for 1 to 2 hours, then rest your Smartphone. This also applies to those of you who like to see streaming too.

  1. Opening too many applications is also a cause of hot smartphones

You also have to check the applications running at one time. The more applications you run, the more likely it is that your Smartphone will overheat quickly.

All you need to do is close the apps you don’t use. If you are lazy to close one by one, then you can take advantage of the feature clear recent app which is always in any brand cellphone.

  1. Environmental conditions

Causes of Hot Smartphone When Playing Call Of Duty Mobile

The last reason that can make your Smartphone get hot is environmental conditions. Do not make direct contact between your Smartphone and exposure to hot sunlight.

Not only does the Smartphone heat up quickly, this will also reduce the performance of the touch screen and cause the battery to run out faster.

Those are some of the reasons why your smartphone heats up faster. If your Smartphone reaches an unnatural heat limit, it’s better to quickly service or replace the Smartphone. There is a high possibility that there is damage inside the Smartphone, if it is not handled immediately, it will likely be completely damaged and even explode.

That’s all we can say, Thank you.