Free Fire Tips on Using the M1014 in FF

Free Fire is a battle royale shooting game. This game is quite famous with players worldwide. In Free Fire, there are many types of weapons that you can use. And there is also characters with different skills. The character and weapon combination makes the game more unique than the others. Here we will explain you about the M1014 weapon in Free Fire.

As you know it, every weapon in Free Fire have different specifications with different performance in the game. There is a weapon with long range capability, and there’s also a weapon with close range capability. Like the shotgun for example. Shotgun is a scatter-type weapon with close range capability. If you’re shooting the shotgun in close range, the damage rate will be really high.

One of the weapon that we’ll talk about is the shotgun. This weapon is usually having a high damage rate due to the scatter type of weapon, but the range capability is really close. So this weapon will not be as effective is long range. The shotgun fire rate is also very low, so it will be difficult to use the shotgun if you’re bad at aiming.

Here we’ll tell you how to properly use the M1014 shotgun. M1014 is one of the shotgun with the highest damage rate. You can even kill an enemy with one shot using this weapon. Here we have some tips that you can try, by knowing the specification of this weapon and how to use it.

The M1014 is a pump action shotgun with a high damage rate and accurate firing capability. This gun is quite easy to use with a good enough firing rate, compared with the other shotgun. You can use it in close range battle for full effect of this weapon. The scatter damage is also not too far so it’s easy to use.

You can try some of these tips for reference.

Shotgun Range

As you know it, the shotgun range capability is quite close. So it’s better for you to approach the enemy as close as you can. You don’t have to be really close to fire this weapon. But it will be much better if all of the bullets hit the target. So make sure you’re in the correct range for full damage.

Good Aiming

Even though the shotgun is a close range weapon, you still need a good aiming to use this weapon. It’s because if you’re in a close range battle and you miss your shot, it can be very risky for you. Because the shotgun has a small firing rate, and it can endanger you if you miss.

The Right Character for the Shotgun

Other than using the weapon, you can use a character to gain advantage when using this weapon. There are many characters that fits well with the shotgun, like Jota for example.

And that’s some explanation that we can tell you on how to use the M1014 in Free Fire. We hope that you can use these tips as a reference. Good luck!