Complete the Black Market in Metro Royale PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile’s collaboration with Metro Exodus has finally been released in the form of Metro Royale game mode. Here players will be faced with battles with mutant monsters and bandit groups. There are several new features present at Metro Royale. One of them is the presence of the Black Market in Metro Royale as a secret market that stores various accessories and the following is the complete information.

PUBG Mobile is a popular battle royale game that has millions of active players spread all over the world. Every time there is a new renovation, there will be a positive and negative response from the loyal players of this battle royale game. This feedback is needed in order to make this game even better in the future.

Now, PUBG Mobile is currently collaborating with Metro Exouds, which is an FPS type game with a post-apocalyptic horror theme. The results of the collaboration between the two are presented in the form of a Metro Royale game mode. There are various new features in this mode and one of them is the Black Market.

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Metro Royale Game Mode

PUBG Mobile released a new game mode as a result of my work with Metro Exodus. Metro Royale game mode was released on November 10 along with the release of patch note update 1.1. Metro Royale provides a new and different gaming atmosphere. With a post apocalyptic setting, the players have to explore a tense world. Filled with mutant monsters that mutate due to the effects of nuclear radiation. As well as two groups of bandits who will plunder players’ supplies.

With a background like that, of course, new equipment can be found in this mode. Everything is here to make the players able to survive in the game as well as being able to attack the ferocious mutant monsters and brutal group of bandits. Includes several other new features typical of Metro Royale.

Black Market in Metro Royale

One of the new features that is quite unique in the Metro Royale game mode is the presence of the Black Market. This is a shop feature in Metro Royale. Players can exchange the items they get in Metro Royale mode for cash in the form of Metro Cash.

Like a shop in general, with Metro Cash players can buy various items to equip themselves in the game. This is because Metro Royale mode is different from Classic mode which gets weapons by looting. In this mode, players must prepare their military equipment before the match starts.

Even the supplies provided in Black Market are different from Classic mode. In this mode, players can find various loot items which are divided based on their quality level. Players can find items such as weapons, ammunition, attachments, mines, and other Metro Royale exclusive items. This includes upgrading your armor.

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That’s the info about the Black Market in Metro Royale which is a shop in this mode. Login now and join the excitement of this Metro Royale game mode with all the new creepy atmosphere. Thank you!