7 Best Lategame Mobile Legends Defense Items, Make HP ML Thick

Late game is the time where the game will end soon. In the late game there was a lot of damage scattered everywhere. Plus a marksman who is full of items, not many mobile legends heroes can accommodate that much damage. This time we will discuss the Best Lategame Mobile Legends Defense Items that you can use.

You can buy some late game items to at least accommodate the damage. Quite useful, especially for hero role mobile legends tank and fighter where sustain and survivability will be your main points to survive in lategame. This will certainly be very useful for you to withstand the lategame damage of other heroes.

Here we will provide 7 of the best defense items in the late game which are very useful for you to buy. It is very important, especially for tanks and fighters, to buy in the late game.


Of all the defensive items, you could say this item is the one that is rarely purchased. The reason is that meta is now a popular% HP hero damage where the effects and stat items are rather useless. But this item is very good as a counterpick, especially the crit burst heroes like Lesley and Granger in lategame.


Antique is the best defensive item in the late game for several reasons. First is the stat of this item which is very high will provide good defense. In addition, the passivity of this item will be stronger in the late game where% good armor and magic res will be strong enough to accommodate enemy damage.


Even though the stats of this item are not too strong compared to other lategame items, you will buy this item for its passivity. Immortality will provide a second chance for dead heroes by bringing them back to life. Not only strong fighters and tanks buy this, even some marksman and mage heroes buy it for its passivity.


Almost all heroes who depend on heal, regen, lifesteal, and shield must buy this. The reason is the passive effect of this item which increases the effectiveness of a very strong heal and shield. Some of the heroes who usually buy this item are Silvanna, Alucard, and Esmeralda.


This item is in the same state as Twilight which doesn’t match the current meta. If Twilight is not popular because of the% HP damage everywhere, eating Breastplate is not that popular because of burst damage everywhere. To get the highest potential of this item, the user must increase his defense stack for a long time.


One of the best items for warding off magic, Athena also increases your shield for some time. This item is also very strong when paired with Oracle where the shield effect will increase. Must buy when fighting many mages.


Wings are a defensive item that is quite unique because this item is usually bought by aggressive heroes, which makes it an aggro item. This item provides very high resistance when now, such as damage reduction and lifesteal.

Those are the 7 best defensive items in the late game that you can buy to ward off lategame damage.