Difference Between SKS Weapon PUBG Mobile and Free Fire

PUBG Mobile and Free Fire are two current popular battle royale games that have their own characteristics and differences. One of them is about the difference between SKS weapons in PUBG Mobile and Free Fire and here is the complete information.

Weapons are important items that battle royale game players must prepare. Preparing knowledge of an important weapon so that when the game starts he is not confused about which looting location to find a particular weapon.

Among the many battle royale type games are currently available, PUBG Mobile and Free Fire are two of our favorite games. Both have their own characteristics. PUBG Mobile is known for its complex and serious gameplay. Meanwhile, Free Fire is known for its pretty fantasy gameplay because the characters have skills for example.

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PUBG Mobile and Free Fire provide various types of weapons in the game. But we admit that the weapons presented at PUBG Mobile are more detailed than those presented in Free Fire. This is because PUBG Mobile provides complete weapons with details and specifications.

The attachment items in the PUBG Mobile game are also of various types compared to those provided in Free Fire. Even so, we also know that they are still the two favorite battle royale games today. The number of players is up to millions and spread all over the world.

PUBG Mobile and Free Fire also held in esports tournaments, on a small, regional, to international scale. The esports teams that accommodate the pro players from the two games are also developing equally well in Indonesia.

So, this time, we will share the different SKS weapons that are presented in the two royale games.

SKS Weapons in PUBG Mobile

In the PUBG Mobile game, SKS is included in the Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) weapon which can be used in medium range attacks. Has 55 damage and a fast rate of fire. Has a magazine of 10 bullets with a maximum magazine of 20 bullets. Equipped with 5 attachment slots, namely magazine, stock, grip, myzzke, and sight up to 8x scope size.

SKS Weapon in Free Fire

In the Free Fire game, SKS is included in the Assault Rifle (AR) weapon instead of the DMR as in PUBG Mobile. Even though the original SKS weapon is actually a DMR type, not an AR weapon. However, Free Fire does not provide DMR-type weapons in the game.

For stats, SKS in Free Fire has damage of 82. It is quite large in numbers compared to that provided in PUBG Mobile. SKS’s rate of fire isn’t too fast in this game. For the shooting range, SKS in FF has a long range.

The initial SKS magazine on FF is as big as the SKS in PUBG Mobile, which is 10 bullets. The uniqueness of the SKS weapon in Free Fire is that it has a built-in attachment that cannot be removed, which is 4x scope.

That’s the difference between SKS weapons in PUBG Mobile and Free Fire. Both of these games put SKS in different types of weapons. PUBG Mobile places it according to the original type of weapon, namely DMR. Meanwhile, Free Fire includes SKS as an AR weapon. The rest is just the difference in stats. Thank you!