Find the Difference Groza VS MK47 Mutant PUBG Mobile!

PUBG Mobile has many weapons in it, one of which is the Assault Rifle. AR is a weapon that was created for combat at close to medium range. Even though this weapon is actually more focused on medium range, its large damage can be used to close combat.

One of the two AR weapons that you will definitely know is Groza and MK47 Mutant. You can only find Groza in the Airdrop Box.

Difference between Groza VS MK47 Mutant PUBG Mobile!

It's easy to kill enemies with Groza PUBG Mobile

1. Damage

Damage is the most important thing when you want to compare performance between weapons. The greater the damage, the faster the enemy is paralyzed using this weapon if you aim correctly or accurately.

MK47 Mutant itself has damage of 49 points, while Groza has damage of 47 points. From this damage category, it can be concluded that MK47 Mutant has greater damage than Groza.

At this time, a surprising thing happened, it turned out that Groza, who had been considered the strongest Assault Rifle weapon, had to admit defeat if the damage was compared to the MK47 Mutant. MK47 Mutant is an AR weapon with the highest damage.

Even though it has high damage, why are so few players willing to use it? Is it because of the large recoil? Or the absence of an auto-fire mode for the MK47 Mutant?

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2. Fire Rate

Fire Rate is the speed between bullets when fired from a weapon. The faster the fire rate, the faster the bullets are released, so the damage inflicted on the target will be even faster.

MK47 Mutant has a fire rate of 0.085 seconds between bullets, while Groza itself has a fire rate of 0.080 seconds. From this explanation, it can be concluded that Groza has a slightly better fire rate performance than the MK47 Mutant.

3. Shooting Range

Players don’t always continue to fight at close range, right? There must be times when players may be forced to fight at medium to long distances. Therefore, we need a weapon where the bullet is able to travel long distances.

In a second, the MK47 Mutant can cover a distance of 780 meters, while Groza itself is as far as 715 meters per second. It can be concluded that this time the shooting range category was won by MK47 Mutant.

Again, the special weapon that is presented directly from the Airdrop Box must admit defeat with the MK47 Mutant if the shooting ranges of the two are pitted.

The MK47 Mutant, with its shortcomings of high recoil and loss of auto mode, can be forgiven for its superior firing range.

If you are accustomed to using AR weapons that don’t use auto-firing modes like the M16A4, then you should be able to adapt more easily to using the MK47 Mutant weapon.

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4. Magazine

Magazine is a storage area for bullets in weapons. The greater the capacity it can accommodate, the more effective the weapon will be when shooting targets.

Groza can accommodate 30 bullets if not using an extended mag, and becomes 40 bullets when using an extended magazine. While the MK47 Mutant can only hold 20 bullets, and becomes 30 bullets when using an extended magazine.

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5. Attachments

Attachments are equipment that can maximize the performance of these weapons. MK47 Mutant and Groza can use all scopes except 8x scope, both of them can also use all magazines that have Assault Rifle weapons, but Groza can only use Muzzle Suppressor.

Furthermore, Groza does not have an attachments slot for Grips, while the MK47 Mutant has a Foregrip slot that is usually filled with all Grips. Finally, MK47 Mutant requires Tactical Stock to fill its Stock slot.

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Based on our explanation above, which one is your choice? MK47 Mutant or Groza? Thank you for listening!