5 Hero Mobile Legends For Counter Skill 2 Khufra ML!

Khufra is a tank hero that is included in the OP hero list that is currently being played by many Pro Player Mobil Legends. Khufra has a skill that is enough to make your opponent scared and overwhelmed, namely the Bouncing Ball. This is a row of Mobile Legends heroes who are able to easily counter skill 2 Khufra!

By using this second skill, Khufra will turn into a ball and hit the enemy. With the ability of the Bouncing ball, Khufra will be immune from various magic and physical attacks. The enemy who is famous for the bounce skill effect will get a knock up effect.

You can counter Skill 2 Khufra with some of these heroes. The best choices for those of you who really want to fight Khufra are as follows;

  1. Minotaur
  2. Nana
  3. Aurora
  4. Franco
  5. Diggie

These heroes have very strong skills against Khufra, especially when skill 2 is active. They are your best choices, which I have summarized in Esports.

However, there are heroes who are often used in matches and claim to overwhelm this tank hero. You must be wondering which hero can break this Khufrah milk skill, here is the list.

Minotaur with Ultimate Minoan Fury Skill

This hero tank, which looks like a giant goat, is multifunctional as a tank. With his Ultimate minoan fury skill, the minotaur will enter rage mode and become stronger because his strength will be doubled.

With this skill Khufra will be hit by a knocuk up mintour and return to its original shape after being famous for the ultimate minotaur skill. This monitaur hero is very suitable to counter skill 2 Khufra in Mobile Legends.

Nana with Skill 2 Molina Smooch

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Nana is a Mage support hero who is currently often played by Mobile Legends players. Even though it appears with a small character, this one hero can provide a significant counter for the Khufra hero, especially for skill 2 in Mobile Legends.

This one Nana skill can break Khufra’s tank hero. Nana has 2 molina smooch skills, she can turn her opponent into a cat by touching it. That way, when Khufra is hit by this nana skill, he will stop bouncing and turn into a cat.

Aurora with Pride of Ice Skill

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Aurora is one of the mage heroes in Mobile Legends. Even though it lacks meta in Season 17, this Mobile Legends hero can counter very well on skill 2 Khufra.

Aurora as one of the favorite mage heroes on the mobile legend can break 2 Khufrah’s skill. His passive skill, namely pride of ice, can make khufrah frozen or give a freeze effect. This skill will come out if the Frost Energy Aurora is fully charged.


Franco with Ultimate Bloody Hunt Skill

Franco as a tank hero has the ability to counter some OP heroes like Khufrah. Bloody hunt as the ultimate can hit Khufrah with 6 chain hits and stun for 1.8 seconds.

With Franco’s hero skill combo which is very powerful to do all heri on mobie legends including skill 2 from Khufra, this can certainly help you to beat him very well.

Diggie with the Ultimate Time Journey UI Skill

Diggie has an ultimate that is very important in teamfight. When his ultimate is active, Diggie will give CC immune to his team who is affected by this ultimate effect.

Those are some of the heroes in Mobil Legends who can break 2 khufrah skills and overwhelm the overpowered hero tank. Hopefully this review can be useful especially for those of you who are Mobile Legends players.

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