Order of the Latest Rank Season 16 Free Fire (FF) June 2020

Playing the Battle Royale game is indeed quite good, and later on, all of you will be able to experience the many new challenges in the game. To try a new challenge on Android, you guys just try the Free Fire game now. Because the game is also a battle royale, with quite a lot of total players on Android. In the Free Fire game, you can get the latest rank order in season 16.

In the future too, this game will experience the latest update in June 2020. So in the future all of you, will definitely feel many other new things. You can try a lot of new things, from adding features to improving the free fire system.

When you play the Free Fire game, you must have been interested in playing in ranked mode. Of course, by playing in this mode, you can move up to a higher rank. Even later, try the Free Fire Ranked Character Combinations right now.

Guaranteed when push rank can be easier, even able to defeat many enemies in it. In the future, Garena will also do a Season Reset, for this Battle Royale Mode. So all of you will start from a new rank again, and fight to rise again later.

The order of rank that will be applied to Rank Season 16 as well, you should know everything first. So that later you can focus without thinking about Point Rank when competing, if you don’t focus, of course, you will be defeated easily later.

On this occasion, we will provide the information to all of you. Curious? Check out the explanation in the article below.

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16th Free Fire Season Rank Order

The rank in the Free Fire game will definitely reset every few months. So later those of you who have reached the highest rank, will immediately be lowered to a fairly low Rank and arguably have to Push rank again.

But by experiencing things like this, you mean that you have been proven Pro in playing the Free Fire game. Because when Rank is Reset, all players who have reached the highest Rank will compete to be the first on the server.

Even for the Rank order that is present in the Upcoming 16 season, the leak has been given and you don’t need to be curious anymore and can immediately push rank when Reset. Here is some information.

  1. Bronze

Bronze is a fairly low rank, where you new players will start from this rank. After reaching the highest point in the rank, later you will move up to a higher level.

At this rank, you will be given 3 levels and have a Point Rank from 1000 to 1300 point rank.

  1. Silver

This rank is one level above Bronze, but if you are here the real match will really be felt by you. Even to get into this rank, you will experience even tougher challenges in the future.

This rank has a total Point Rank of 1301 to 1600.

  1. Gold

This Gold Rank is quite difficult for you to raise, because in this rank the beginning of your difficulty to increase the Rank. Gold for Pro or Toxic players in the Squad, can be found here. Even later you have to work hard, to get up from here.

This rank has a point Rank from 1601 to 2100, even this point rank is much higher than before.

  1. Platinum

It’s almost the same as Gold, but if it’s not that bad here and most players have started to understand the Free Fire gameplay. That way in the future, all of you will never be annoyed even if you lose here.

In this Rank, you will often experience quite deadly attacks. This rank has a total Point Rank from 2101 to 2600.

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  1. Diamond

This rank is a determination to go up to the highest, because Diamond is a Rank that is below Heroic. As we know, Heroic is a rank with a difficult level, so here you will be really tested, whether it is worthy to go up Heroic or not.

In this Rank you need points from 2601 to 3200.

  1. Heroic

The Heroic Rank is one of the Ranks, where there are already many pro players playing in it. So of course, all the enemies you will face are much more difficult and may meet the Free Fire Pro Player from the Tournament.

The points needed here are no longer there, so the 3200 Points can still be increased. So that later, you can become a part of the Top 300 Player Free Fre.

  1. Grandmaster

Top 300 Free Fire players from each country will be selected to enter the Grandmaster Rank and be in the Rank List later.

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Small Tips To Get Rank Fast

When you play in this Free Fire game, it is quite exciting and very challenging. If, for example, all of you have reached a very high rank, of course the enemies you are fighting will become stronger than usual.

The highest rank here is Diamond an Master, of course if for example you reach that rank there is no word playing around later. Even if you get here, for example, you really have to seriously play.

When you really want to play and win against enemies easily, try to follow these tips.

  1. Play Casual

You can play Rush, but what this problem means is that you play Rank and stay relaxed. Don’t carry too much emotion or effort to win the match. For example, if you always compete in a state of wanting to win continuously, then later on, you yourself will be bothered by it and not focus.

  1. Choose the Right Weapon

Apart from this, of course, all of you must have the best weapons that can be used. If you use a mainstay weapon in the match, it will definitely be easier to fight enemies in that rank match.

  1. Choose the right character

Finally, you have to try the right character combination, of course the abilities of this character will help you to win easily. Because the characters in this game provide pretty good abilities.

The rank order is still going to change again, but for the problem of Point Rank it doesn’t seem like it will change. Because these points have been set automatically, if you later want to move up to a higher rank.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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